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Hey, Look, It’s Rihanna Tran! I Mean, Karreuche Fenty! I Mean …

photo of rihanna looking like karreuche tran pictures
This is what Rihanna looked like leaving the Premiere Supper Club in Hollywood this past Friday night, and if her outfit (and hair … and accessories) are any indication of what Rihanna’s fashion is going to be like for the year 2013, I’d say we’re in for a long road of trying to discern between Rihanna and Karreuche Tran, both Chris Brown‘s exes (and sometimes currents), and both completely batshit crazy.

Here’s a photo wearing her own hat:

photo of karreuche tran hair pictures
Karreuche baring her own midriff:

photo of karreuche tran midriff looks like rihanna pictures
And yes, I fully realize that people all over the world wear knit hats and belly-baring shirts, but you just know how obsessed Rihanna probably is with Karreuche, and how much she wants to emulate her as well as she can, for Chris’s sake of course. Because why have your cake on one side and your … I don’t know, lasagna on the other side when you can eat the two of them at the very same time?

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  • Oh dear. Ri has stepped into Glenn Close “I will not be ignored” territory. Rihanna should just accept that Chris and Karreuche used her massive ego and lack of remorse to lift up their careers.
    Rihanna got played by the better woman even with all of that money. She could have bought a dozen men just like Chris. Now she’s carrying his gift that keeps giving(and probably infertile because of it) and Karreuche will probably end up married to him.

  • They are both the loser if they keep messing around with him, and my sincere condolences to whoever marries him.

  • oh no, is this thing still going on.. I don’t know anything about chris music and all this is making me wonder if he is dropping an album

  • This is too funny. Rihanna is biting off Karrueche’s style? Keep trying.. haha! Someone is bitter…are you BFF with Kahoochie?