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Macaulay Culkin is Not Going to Die Today

photo of macaulay culkin picture healthy pic
Can I say something without freaking most of you guys out? Because I’d really like to say this: Macaulay Culkin is looking hot these days. I mean, completely trying to forget about the fact that he used to be Kevin McAllister, Macaulay Culkin is almost … yummy. There—I said it. Macaulay Culkin is f-cking hot these days, and it definitely helps that he doesn’t look like the methed-out homeless man who happened to be Matthew McConaughey’s stand-in on the set of ‘The Dallas Buyer’s Club’.

No, I love the hair, I love the lack of furry facial hair, and I love the fact that you can’t even see his red, bloodshot eyes because of the oversize sunglasses. It’s all pretty great, and that’s coming from the pure, sincere place that I don’t often show to the world.

Is he clean? Is he eating? Did he give up the booze? I don’t know on any counts, but what I do know is that I’d totally hit that. … At least for now, anyway.

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  • Ok, I like him he’s a good guy, but he does look like the human version of a lab rat. This is exactly what Pinky from Pinky & The Brain would look like if some weird experiment transformed him into a human being! Truth!

  • i’d hit him too. but the picture that u use is extended lengthwise which makes him (macaulay) looks skinnier than it actually was. but all the way he is still skinny and needs some weight. but is he much better? YES!

  • I’m just glad he’s OK; it seems like his childhood was pretty rough and that his parents were real prizes *cough*. I wish him the best.

    • His mother raised him til he was 10 and he was illegally taken then his fake adoptive parents robbed his royalties and he divorced them his real mom was very sweet…
      Know fact before speaking
      His real mom loved him very much

  • hope he get his shit together. Someone put him in a movie! i’ll pay to see it. He needs a second change… how many has lohan had?

  • i freaking love him. and sooooo wanted to jump his bones in “saved”. i would love for him to do some more movies. and quit smoking. i think it’s the nose. any dude with that kind of nose is automatically hot in my book.

  • oh my god, he looks like my first boyfriend in those pictures! just you know, more on the skinny, unhealthy side..still really handsome. love his lips.

  • Attractive? I’m sorry but I’m clearly missing something. He looks better than before but he still looks pasty, tired and weak. Smoking is also vile and, even if it wasn’t for all those things, aesthetically his features just don’t appeal.
    He now looks like a polished turd as opposed to just a turd.

    • it is mean! but i agree that he needs some more weight too. but i like his face so unique. and really don’t understand girls are crazy for those fucking stupid and -fake pale with powder- vampires and critiseze macaulay because of his paleness. he was pale when he was a kid also. what people expected really? white as a cotton, small as a button when a kid, but husky brunette adult? genetic is not like this unfortunatelly

  • I’d like to request a post on his equally-puffy-lipped brothers. He’s got a couple that blossomed into sexy hunks of man meat, lemmee tell ya…

  • Hey macaulay cukin don’t fuck can’t get for die no true just he have goood great good way please changer good child wonderful in home alone and richie rich whatever lovely just it I want you learn time more thing good changer for head but I don’t like said u need stop smoke what fuck hell blood what for there not good to u understand now huh please you was who there try back normal in win pleaqse my dear macaulay culkin

  • He is still my number one fan,no matter what happens to him,I will always love him….