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No, But Really, Jennifer Aniston Might Actually Be Pregnant This Time

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All of this pregnant and not pregnant talk over the last few years, and seriously, who really knows? I had to stop and think for a minute whether or not she and Justin Theroux even got married yet (they didn’t, right?), but this time I think it might actually be safe to say that Jennifer Aniston is actually pregnant. I mean, look at that photo. She’s even carrying herself like she’s got a bun in the oven, and ladies, for those of you who have had a bun in the oven (or significant others of those who have had a bun in the oven), you know exactly what I mean.

Yeah, I think Aniston might actually be pregnant this time, and even though she kind of makes me want to scratch my own eyes out (it’s either that or dust and/or pet dander allergens, I don’t know) sometimes, I think it’d be a really, really nice thing for her to have a baby. I mean, aside from debilitating self-esteem issues, she seems like a nice person. She’d be a nice mom, too, I’ll bet, when she isn’t freaking the kid out by crying all night long over Daddy’s “long business trips” that he has to take every couple of weeks. That’s probably a good way to f-ck a kid’s life up, I’ll bet.

Jennifer Aniston—pregnant or what?

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