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Jennifer Aniston is Pregnant With Triplets, Has Aliens and Jimmy Kimmel for Kids

In what might be the funniest thing Jennifer Aniston‘s ever acted in, this Smartwater commercial comes out right in time to start fueling more “is Jennifer Aniston going to come out as pregnant (not with aliens or Jimmy Kimmel, though)” again. Because it’s been about thirty seconds or so since our last speculation, and honestly, it’s about time that she’s just making a big joke out of the entire thing, seriously. There’s just nothing more admirable when you can just sit back and laugh at yourself and the way that the world kind of perceives you, you know?

The only thing missing from spoof-Jennifer-Aniston thing is the ever-present sad-about-Brad undertones that just overcome each and every public appearance (is she sad about Brad? Is she not sad about Brad? The world will just never know).

Last, that belly looks pretty legit if you ask me. Could it be? Could Jennifer finally be on her way to having the family she’s always wanted? Or is it just … this?

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