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Love It or Leave It: Oh Jared Leto

photo of jared leto scary no eyebrows pictures
And here I was, thinking we’d seen Jared Leto at his absolute scariest. I was wrong.

I’ll tell you, though—one thing we can definitely say about this guy is that he really gets into character. Remember all that weight he put on? All that weight he lost? The time he did Kurt Cobain? Holy crow. I might not be a fan of his ultimate hipster music or his weird fashion choices (or the fact that he’s Scarlett Johansson’s meat puppet—it’s like, come on; sack up and demand the relationship you so obviously want), but there is absolutely no denying that he takes his craft pretty seriously. Unlike the general perception of some other actors and (ahem) actresses of this day and age.

What do you guys think of Jared and his missing eyebrows? Do you love it? Would you still hit it?

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