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Jared Leto IS Kurt Cobain

So this past Tuesday was the 17th death anniversary of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, and for me, it kind of passed without much notice. My husband is a hardcore Nirvana fan and I am not (sometimes I wonder what I see in him at all – I’m totally kidding, he’s really great in bed), and we were talking yesterday about how fucking old we both felt knowing that Kurt Cobain was made to eat a gun almost two decades ago. Old, right? OLD.

Anyway, 30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto (or if you remember Kurt Cobain’s ‘suicide,’ My So-Called Life‘s Jared Leto) did some kind of pseudo-audition tape for a Kurt Cobain biopic that he’s hoping will be made so he could star in it. This? Was the result. I actually thought it was pretty good.

What do you guys think of Leto as Cobain? I mean, I always thought Jared was a pretty OK actor, and really, who would do nineties-grunge better than Jordan Catalano (aside from Kurt Cobain, but guys? He’s dead). Love it? Hate it? Are you still crying about Cobain today?

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  • that was good! I can’t think of anyone better for the part. Totally miss Kurt, I love rocking out when his songs come on the radio!

  • I think it’s impressive. Damn impressive if he learned how to play left-handed. I’m guessing the footage was flipped though; the camera seems to avoid any letterforms (like the end of guitar’s headstock).

  • I thought it was fantastic. And you’re right, if anyone is going to play Kurt Cobain it should be Jordan Catalano.

  • I think he was on the mark for sure. Who else do you guys think would be good fits for a cobain role?

  • h*cking awesome . . . I had to pull the car over the day Kurt Cobain died. Still find it so absolutely sad. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Kurt Cobain . . . Chloe Sevigny for Courtney Love?

  • it was good singing, but michael pitt already did “the last days” and i dont think they can do something differen.t i mean one kurt movie was enough to exemplified his life. if this happens i’ll feel like im watching a do over