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Love It or Leave It: Jared Leto’s … Uh, I Don’t Even Know What.

photo of jared leto and bandmate in colorful clothing

Somewhere in syndication heaven, Angela Chase is slitting her wrists and listening to The Cure.

Jared Leto, who did a whole bunch of screenwork after My So-Called Life is now more, um, well-known for his stage antics and musical performances. These photos were taken recently, believe it or not, and showcased his eccentric style of 80’s pop-nouveau-punk Rainbow Brite psychadelia.

His band, 30 Seconds to Mars, has achieved some fame in that people sometimes go to see them play, but really and honestly can’t be all that good if their frontman (AKA Leto) calls his guitars “Pythagoras” and “Artemis,” respectively. Total, total cheese. Anyway, if you have no idea what they sound like, I’ve saved you the hassle of going on over to YouTube to check them out. The video below is of one of their supposed “best” singles, “Kings and Queens.”

While it’s honestly much, much better than I had anticipated it to be, it’s still kind of on that “meh” level for me.

At any rate, enjoy!

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  • I actually like 30 Seconds to Mars. Their song “This is War” is really good. First heard it in a trailer for Dragon Age: Origins.

  • When I first looked at it I was wondering why in hell does he have a pink scrunchie in his hair. Then I realized it WAS his hair. Ick.

  • Ok who the hell is ‘Sarah’ and how long has she been writing on here?!

    30 Seconds To Mars have “achieved some fame in that people sometimes go to see them play”…are you kidding me?! Their SOLD OUT tour in Europe was phenominal! And extra tickets were added to their American tour!

    Who the hell is this ill-informed narrow-minded writer Evil Beet!?

    Jared Leto is also an incredible actor who (had you watched any of his performances) puts everything into his characters!

    Just because he hasn’t sold out as an actor and become an arrogant blockbuster prat doesn’t mean he can’t act AND sing!

    You, Sarah, are now an idiot in my eyes (might not mean much to you but I could not care less), this website has gone way too downhill for my liking and pathetic insults aimed at modern performers because they dont dress the way you like is beyond stupidity.

    You’re ignorant.

  • Not meaning to be rude…

    but 30 Seconds to Mars are big. You can’t assume that just because you don’t like a celebrity, they’re bad at what they do. Jared Leto on occasions has fair enough shown that he might not be the best guy in the world. Doesn’t make him bad at his job. It doesn’t look like you did your research properly. If you were doing this for free, then maybe fair play to you, but you’re not and if you’re getting paid you should do some research.

    I don’t mean to attack you, because I feel like a lot of people on here do that and it’s not particularly polite or effective. I think you guys have completely stopped listening to what people say. All the people who shout at you on here do actually have a point despite their less than pleasing way of expressing their opinion, and it wouldn’t hurt to listen to them and fix a few things.

    The most infuriating thing is that it wouldn’t have taken that long to get on wikipedia or whatever and have a look at how successful that band was. And it really doesn’t take long AT ALL to spellcheck an article.

    Sort it out.

  • 30 seconds to Mars and Jared Leto are Awesome!!! You obviously did not do your homework and your very rude. This band is one of the most talented bands ever! Jared Leto acts, sings, writes, plays guitar and directs most of his videos. What do you do??

  • Are you kidding me? 30 Seconds to Mars is the BEST band I have EVER heard. Just because you don’t like the way they look or sound, doesn’t mean they aren’t good at what they do. Jared Leto is an amazing performer is an amazing performer in every aspect, and he is gorgeous! Do some research.

  • 30seconds to mars aree ammmaaaziiinggg, i went to c them live earlier this year and im going again in novvemberr, also, jared is sex on legs

  • 30STM are shit, and that is my opinion I give two shit what other people think because this is my opinion. Linken Park and many other bands piss all over these guys.

    But I must say to my honesty they would be a good christian rock band because there song are so heart touching and talks about alot of lifes obsticles. (Closer to the edge is a nice example)

    But what ever tickles your fancies everyone has different likes and dislikes.

  • Who’s Linkin Park? I’ve never liked Alt Music until I heard about 5 seconds of 30 STM, ‘The Kill’. ‘Huricane’ is a very touching song. Their songs are on a deeper level so I can understand that the writer of this article might not get it since it’s probably over his/her head. I like Jared Leto. Ever see ‘Requiem for a Dream’? Awesome. This article was not well planned out and it sounded nothing more than juvenile and filled with jealousy. Do I see the green eyed monster in your words? I believe I do. Most actors don’t transition into music well at all(Bruce Willis, even Robert Pattinson is trying to do an album). Most are jealous because Jared seem to do it without much effort.(Hello, 3 albums. All great). Let Jared dress like he wants to. His sexual orientation or his attire have nothing to do with his heart felt lyrics and his amazing vocals. Music shouldn’t be about the looks as much as the music itself. Quit being superficial. Get an education, learn 30 STM meanings and then write something that’s worth the computer time. At least I know what his songs mean. Leave his personal life out of it. I hate rumors. That’s how trouble starts and then some people start to second guess things. If you’re a true 30 STM fan, this crap shouldn’t sway you. I love the mohawks and eyeliner. Sexy in my book. Go Jared!!!

  • You guys need to get a life and quit hating on people just because they have enough confidence to have a pink mohawk and totally rock it. Their music is amazing, Jared Leto is a fantastic song writer with amazing lyrics, as well as an incredible music video director, and actor. So quit being jealous just because he has more talent than all of you :)

    And you have to pray to look like him when you get 40! JARED IS HOT!