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Lindsay Lohan is Actually Not Happy About All This Negativity

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So most of you disagreed with me when I said that I thought ‘Liz & Dick’ was actually pretty likable, and some of you (well, not *you*, per se, but Twitter people) actually went as far as … well, practically eviscerating Lindsay for trying her … well, for trying really hard in her latest film endeavor. With that in mind, I’ve got some good news for those of you who who are keen on hating on what she does on the premise of who she is: she’s devastated. That’s right, you heard—devastated. A source close to Lindsay had this to say about all of the negative feedback that’s come in over the last twelve hours from the first public viewing of ‘Liz & Dick’:

“Lindsay is devastated by the response to the film. She has got used to all the negative press around her personal life but this is the first time she has experienced it about her work. No matter how bad things were going for her personally, everyone would always agree that she was a great actress. … Lindsay has already read her own press. She knew the script wasn’t strong but thought she would bring the role of Elizabeth to life. This is particularly heartbreaking as her acting was the only thing in her life that she knew was real. Now she is doubting that, too.”

But this “only thing she thought was real” thing? Well. That’s an indicator of someone deluded beyond all belief right there, and also someone so far up their own ass for their own good, to boot—but hopefully, if this all really is the case, it’ll jar girlfriend right out of the self-induced ‘Parent Trap’ reverie she put herself in all those years ago and maybe—just maybe—she can work her way out of it and see what a wreck things really have been all this time (except for ‘Liz & Dick’; it’s the most amount of right that she’s done in a long, long time). Here’s what Michael Lohan had to say about his daughter’s performance:

“Due to the content, I had to step away from a lot of the scenes, but regardless of what some of these so-called critics, who don’t have an ounce of talent in their bones say, Lindsay proved that she is an amazing actress. This was a different role for her at a difficult time of her life. She still has what it takes to be the Lindsay Lohan that is one of Hollywood’s top actresses.”

I know we’ve ragged on Lindsay a lot in the past, and still continue to do so, although more of it’s tongue-in-cheek as of late, but God. Never have we ever said that we hate her or that she’s entirely worthless like so many other media outlets have, because seriously, when all’s said and done, she is still a person, am I right? And no, not at all worthless. Suffice it to say I haven’t forgotten all of the f-ckery that Lindsay’s created in her own life, but damn. Cut a girl a break, maybe. Or, at the very least, help her cut herself a break somehow or another*.

*Preferably with nothing that has anything to do with jewelry heists, former lesbian lovers, or family matters. Let’s be fair, now.

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  • Well, in this world you make your own. To her defense, it it not her fault that she was miscast. Whoever thought it was a brilliant idea to put her in the role as Liz Taylor must’ve been drinking as much as Lindsay herself. There’s a whole list of actresses out there who would have been a better fit. Lohan can act, but again, this role was not appropriate for her. I could only take about 5 minutes of this last night before flipping the channel. I think the reason people are so critical is because of her off-screen behavior — people already have her persona set up in their minds going into this movie, and from then on out it all went downhill.

  • This waste of space repeatedly (with no real consequences) drunk and drove and probably still does. She’s a murderer waiting for a victim. Oh yeah, she’s never been more than a middling actor. I don’t know who pumped her up with that delusion, but she is exactly where her “talent” belongs; on Lifetime movies.

  • Are you serious about cut a girl a break? She gets break after break, I’d like to get so many breaks. Money given to her to pay her back taxes, movie parts that the companies have to insure up the wazoo, court system bending over backwards to cut a girl a break. I don’t think one movie she makes that you like erases her actions as a whole. She should have tried harder in the acting department instead of shopping everyday and going to bars and maybe the reviews wouldn’t have been so bad. She wants the Oscar without the work. She got to play dress up for a lot of money, sounds like a lot of people cut her a break.

  • Would you cut a break to teachers who were terrible at their job? Pilots? Doctors? We certainly don’t cut a break for politicians who think don’t play their role well. Why should actors/actresses get any different treatment if they do not perform (literally) well?

    In any case. I thought Lindsay was great in Mean Girls. After that, well I’m not too sure.

    • I get what you’re saying, but comparing what Lindsay does to those in professions that keep lives safe (pilots, doctors, sometimes politicians) isn’t exactly fair. Also, yes, there are many breaks cut to many other people in many other lines of business, not just actors and actresses who Don’t Really Work for a living anyway.

      I’m not saying that she did this ungodly, stellar job by any far cry, but I think some people are being unnecessarily harsh on her for ultimately doing something that she was probably really proud of—and they would have been harsh even if she’d done an adequate job, just because of who she is. I mean, seriously. This was her first real job in quite some time, after all.

      • I don’t think I would hate on her if she did a good job but it just looks like she doesn’t even try at her craft. She was given a golden opportunity to show the world what she has to offer on screen and it looked like she phoned it in because she thinks she’s that good that reading the lines is enough. Maybe harsh is what she needs to see that mediocre work will not get you awards in life or maybe it will, judging from the past award shows.

  • She was TERRIBLE in this biopic. And what’s clear is that Lifetime knew it too but counted on our inability to look away from the wreck.

  • Know what? I’m glad you said this. I don’t like LL, I didn’t like this movie, I can’t stand her attitude of self-entitlement, and there’s a whole long list of things I find disagreeable about her. However.

    Back when Amy Winehouse was making her name as a drunken mess, I found myself becoming more and more disgusted with her every time she showed up in the news until one day when I read that she tried to leave the stage during a concert and had to be strong-armed back onto it by someone from her team and it just hit me that this woman was really in trouble. I’m starting to feel like that about LL now. I don’t want her getting special treatment or patted on the back for a substandard performance, but I don’t want her to destroy herself any further either.

    As far as the criticism, I really think she had it coming. I don’t know how she could have expected anything else, but a little mercy never hurt anybody. I’m kind of starting to worry for her. :(

  • I am so tired of people saying how talented she was. She was never talented, she was never a good actress, she is a shitty actress that was surrounded by talented people that carried her. Mean Girls is great because Tina Fey wrote the script not because Lindsay was in it, she was just lucky to be cast that is all.

    Robert Downey Jr. was in a worse pickle than her, but he took small roles and shined in them. HE is talented, same for Drew Barrymore, she worked at Starbucks to remember who she was and took tv roles to at first and worked her way back up with her talent. That is what Lindsay is missing, talent, she can worship Monroe all she wants, but Monroe took acting lessons well into her super stardom to work her craft. Lindsay has just convinced herself she is great and just expects it to follow through. But it won’t and it can’t because she doesn’t have the talent to back it up. At best her skills are on par with a Senior in High School doing a school play.

    If she is smart she should just spin her life and name recognition into a Bravo reality show and let Andy Cohen reinvent her as a personality, it is the best she will do in life.

  • Apple… You said it all. Except Lindsey really should be bussing tables for minimum wages. Maybe that would humble her. It’s really her ” I can do no wrong ” attitude that pisses people off. She blames all her drama crap on everyone else. I for one am really happy that she is devastated … Maybe ( not likely ) she will finely try and fly right.

  • “No matter how bad things were going for her personally, everyone would always agree that she was a great actress.”

    Who would?!

  • Um. LL, this is not the first time your acting has fallen flat.
    The only film that I can even tolerate is Mean Girls, because you are playing yourself.

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