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Oh My God, ‘Liz & Dick’

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You don’t know how many times I wrote and re-wrote this post in my head, guys, because no matter what I said or how I said it, it was completely unbelievable and preposterous, so I’m just going to come out with it: did you watch ‘Liz & Dick’ last night? Because I did. In its entirety. And short of thinking that the film’s soundtrack was busted ass (it was), and that they completely rushed the ending to fit it into a two-hour block … ugh, here goes I guess—I loved it. I LOVED it. I actually thought it was so, so much better than everyone (including myself) said it was going to be, and I couldn’t turn it off (not that I wanted to, but that’s a moot point).

Here’s some general Twitter feedback about the movie, but you know what? I honestly think a lot of it’s from people who just want something cute and amusing to say in order to get mentioned on blogs and newspapers (well played, crafty ones). I’ll bet you that some of these naysayers actually liked this movie as much as I did:

Gilbert Godfried sound more like Liz Taylor #LizAndDick

Just turned on #LizAndDick after The Walking Dead. The walkers have more charisma and screen presence than Lindsey Lohan.

I want to kill them already???? #lizanddick

Somewhere, there is an actress who didn’t get cast in this thing and is thanking her lucky stars. #LizAndDick

Holy God in heaven… #LizandDick is pure torture.

Watched 3 minutes of Liz&Dick and had to turn it off. This coming from the white girl who sat thru the entirety of Norbit, sober #lizanddick

Come on. Come on! It wasn’t that bad! You know, I recorded it on my DV-R last night, just in case it was so bad that I had to take it in two doses, but now I’m glad I went and decided to do that, because yes, I will absof-ckinglutely be watching it again. It was compelling in a weird, suprising, not-at-all-awful sort of way.

As for the technical aspects of the movie, the wardrobe was pretty killer. The scenery … well, it wasn’t all that bad. The only thing that I wasn’t fond of was the fact that it was written as if you knew Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s life story as it were, and frankly, some people just don’t (shocking, I know). Honestly, that’s my only gripe. I really, really enjoyed the movie, and there’s something a bit proud (?) inside of me for Lindsay Lohan somewhere, too.

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  • It is de rigeur to hate it because it’s Lilo. Kudos for having an honest opinion and not being a sheeple. I don’t see what all the orgiastic feeding frenzy is about. Most of the negatives are bragging who could watch it the least amount of minutes, hence, not really reviews at all, but standing in line to give their own unprofessional cleverness some attention. It wasn’t Oscar worthy certainly, but hardly vom inducing. I am not a Lilo fan in any way, but I don’t see what all the angst is about. It’s a tv movie, no more, no less.

    • agreed. esp about the sheeple thing- but at the same time…

      I thought LL had talent back in the day, and I kind of expected it to be a decently rendered movie that got panned because of her presence. I was a little surprised by the flimsy performance (the speech issue was unavoidable for me), i didn’t like the movie, i never felt like i was watching liz taylor, it felt like watching lilo in a tv movie, but i think lifetime just knew that they could cash in big on the criticism.

      • Your critique has merit, and credit for actually watching it. I had trouble with the ruined voice as well.

  • Nope…never, wasn’t the least bit good. Liz Taylor should now return the favor and play Lindsey in the “Lindsey & Dina” movie.Liz is dead and would still do a better job. Enough said.

  • Maybe… If this was a fictional character created by Lifetime’s writers we were talking about. But she was playing none other than Elizabeth Taylor. And she didn’t do her any justice when you think about the real Elizabeth. But then again, it’s just a Lifetime movie.

  • i couldn’t watch more than a few minutes at a time. i just think Lindsey is a really bad actress. and i really could not get past her two pack a day raspy voice. so i can’t really comment on the actual movie.

    • I can’t get over her voice! I saw scene of Mean Girls earlier and I was blown away by how different her voice sounds. She has absolutely ruined her voice with all the cigarettes she smokes.

  • I just watched 2 1/2 minutes of clips from this movie. I am going to watch the whole thing soon, but my first impression is that, for all the criticism of Lindsay’s looks that goes on here, she has too girlish a face to play this woman. Lindsay apparently always looks the same age and weight in the film, and consequently, in every clip or still I have seen, she looks like she is playing dressup. She seems not to have tried to sound like Elizabeth Taylor at all, and every person in this movie looks way older than her. Elizabeth Taylor was 32 when she married Burton; Lindsay is 26 and it shows. The “Not that I’m counting…/”Who’s counting?” exchange (and I realize this is the writers’ fault) makes zero sense, and the faint after Liz gets the news of Burton’s death is hilarious. Some reviewer commented that it looks like an SNL skit, and right now, I would have to agree with that assessment.

    • Just saw the clip where Liz gets the news of his death, that was the best laugh I had in a long while and it’s over someone’s death, what is the world coming to?

  • Didn’t watch the movie but saw five 2 minute clips from it this morning. Yes, it was bad, maybe people who think it wasn’t that bad are beginning to lower their standards on what they will accept as decent acting and story telling. Sad. This is why we will always have her acting, Paris singing and KK just here.

  • This movie was a joke! Lindsay Lohan was never a very good actress even when she wasn’t a crackhead. While it might not have been awful as far as made-for-lifetime movies go the fact that she was supposed to be portraying an American cinematic legend and iconic beauty is not only disrespectful to Liz Taylor’s legend (which is why her estate was absolutely AGAINST this monstrosity), it’s one of the funniest jokes of 2012! LL was never any of the adjectives used to describe Liz Taylor and she never will be

  • I super appreciate your positive attitude, I really do, but it was truly AWFUL. I just want Lindsay to go away, get healthy, take some more acting classes, get back to her craft and start doing some real work in like, five years.

  • As a free-thinking individual, I found it atrocious but hilarious. It was terrible, but entertaining. This does not make me a “sheeple”, it makes me someone with a different opinion than, well, apparently the few and far between. Which is fine – people can not hate it if they don’t want to hate it, but I did and I’m comfortable with that. It was a personal decision.

  • If lindsay wasn’t using the memory of an icon and wasn’t part of this insult to Elizabeth (she stopped a number of these from happening when she was alive. Even the name of the project is an insult, they hated being called Liz and dick!), then yes I would not be as ‘critical’ of lilo. But thats not the case; She knows better and only did this for herself. She should have played a fictional character In something unrelated to Elizabeth. People would have been kinder and more supportive. I know I would have.

  • i didn’t get to watch it but i just watched a clip of her on good morning america because i wanted to hear her voice.. she actually sounds like my grandpa who had throat cancer. does she have throat cancer?

  • You need to watch it again because I don’t think you were watching what the rest of us saw. lizard ick !!!!!!