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And of Course, the 5 Worst Dressed at the 2012 American Music Awards

photo of the 2012 american music awards pictures
Whee for awards show fashion! I just love it. I can barely function when I’m not wearing some kind of sweatshirt material or Lycra, but hey. A girl can admire that what she doesn’t have, right? Sure.

Here’s the list for Worst Dressed, and in all honesty, even the worst dressed weren’t all that bad (well, some of them were CHRISTINA AGUILERA).

Number five, Ke$ha. Which is disappointing, because sometimes girl looks amazing, and sometimes she looks like a bag of squashed balls. And in this case, it’s the squashed balls thing:

photo of ke$ha at the american music awards
Four, Pink, because she’s just too short and compact a girl to wear such high-necked frocks, and also, Kim Kardashian wore that same dress not all that long ago:

photo of pink at the american music awards pictures
Three, Carrie Underwood. I know, to some of you, Carrie Underwood can do no wrong. But this dress? It’s all, all wrong and there’s no amount of right that can make it right again:

photo of carrie underwood pictures ama pic
Two, Jordin Sparks, because while girlfriend is undeniably gorgeous, this dress looks like something that she needs rescuing from. It looks like it’s devouring her. It’s like a bondage outfit that grandma might wear:

photo of jordin sparks pictures
And in first place, as you all know, Christina Aguilera. Because what the hell color spray tan is that? And the dress? I don’t know whether to blow my nose in it or borrow it for my little cousin to wear to her first semi-formal:

photo of christina aguilera pictures
Worst? Best? Who did it for you guys?

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  • Poor Kesha. There’s really nothing you can do. She just has that really wide frame. Other than that, I’m actually sort of impressed with Aguilera. Granted, she went way overboard with the spray tan but honestly, I think it’s the best her body has looked in months. I’m not a fan of the spray tan, hair, makeup or shoes but in terms of complimenting her shape, I think she did a good job.

  • I have to disagree with two ladies on this list – Christina Aguiliera and Kesha.

    Christina – Yeah, the tan is a bit much and I think her bangs are too blunt for her face, but the dress is very flattering on her.

    Kesha – The choice of shoes ruins it for me. She actually looks very pretty all cleaned up. The dress isn’t the best choice I’ve ever seen, but I can’t help but think with a nicer pair of shoes, red lipstick, and maybe a bright accessory, that the look would be awful. Overall, nice job.

    And you were spot on with everyone else.

  • I really like what Pink wore and don’t remember seeing it on Kim. Kesha would look better with a belt but I think she looks pretty good. Agree on Carrie – only because she could look SO much better, and usually does. Christina…. no words. She needs to hire a stylist who knows how to dress her body. And lay off the makeup.

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