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The 5 Best Dressed at the 2012 American Music Awards

photo of american music awards pictures
You guys heard from Emily earlier this morning that the AMAs weren’t all that much to sneeze at, and guys, I completely agree. I honestly fear for the future of popular music, as if it isn’t all that bad to start (no, really; it is).

One thing that didn’t disappoint, however, was the fashion. Because there was a lot of good fashion, guys, and coming from me, that should mean a lot. There were actually more dresses that I loved than those I didn’t, and that always surprises me.

Anyway, number five would have to be ‘Gangnam Style’s Psy, and while we don’t usually put dudes on the Best Dressed list (because really, a suit is a suit is a pants and shirt), he was pretty awesome in his get-up:

photo of psy at the ama awards pictures
In the number four slot, Nicki Minaj, because that dress is just gorgeous, and the phosphorescent banana color is probably one of my favorites in life:

photo of nicki minaj at the ama pictures
Number three, Kerry Washington, because what a beautiful woman, that dress, those shoes, and naturally, that color:

photo of kerry washington at the amas pictures
Two, Taylor Swift, because she’s been on pretty much every Best Dressed list this year. She can’t date for shit, but dressing? Girl’s got it on lockdown:

photo of taylor swift at the ama pictures
Last, in first place, we have a lady that I’m so, so not fond of, but can’t deny that her outfit is amazing, and she looks pretty good, too—Jenny McCarthy:

photo of jenny mccarthy pictures american music awards pictures
Who were your favorites?

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