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Watch This Dude Use Taylor Swift Lyrics as Pick Up Lines

No joke, this is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen*. It’s funny, it’s awkward, it makes fun of Taylor Swift, which we all know is just so much fun. I laughed out loud several times (“so shame on me now”), and I just love it, guys, I just really really love this.

Plus it just makes it all that more clear how ridiculous Taylor Swift is. And that’s something the world desperately needs.

*Well, the best thing I’ve ever seen is either this video or the concept art for Jurassic Park 4. Have you seen it? It’s from a scrapped concept for the movie that involved human-dinosaur hybrids. No really:

That’s the derpasaurus right there. Powerful stuff.

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  • Well, that video was remarkably underwhelming after all that hype. Definitely nowhere NEAR as cool as the human/dinosaur hybrid art.

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