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Doug Hutchison Is Way Proud of Being Called A Child Molester

A photo of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison

Couples Therapy. I am so bummed that I haven’t seen it yet. Have any of you guys seen it yet? Is it as amazingly horrifying as all the promos promised it would be?

Probably, because according to a blog by Alex McCord, a Real Housewife of New York and fellow cast member on the show, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison were embarrassingly desperate for attention. And it sounds awesome:

Finally, Simon and I made dinner for everyone, and fur flew. Although we do make our children dress for dinner every night, it really wasn’t about Courtney’s lack of clothing for me. It was about her aggressive, disrespectful, attention-seeking behavior. She reminded me of a naked version of the Jack Russell terrier in The Mask. Everyone tried to ignore their antics in order to focus on their own therapy process, and that made her angry. It was clear to me that both Courtney and Doug desperately wanted to have all eyes on them, and when they felt they were being ignored would act out accordingly. Courtney would change into an even skimpier outfit and shake her (ahem) attributes, and Doug would gleefully remind everyone that he had been called a child-molester. Once. Every other time it was brought up, it came out of Doug’s mouth, as though it was some weird badge of honor.

Once again, while Courtney is just ridiculous, Doug is the creepiest creeper ever to creep. Was he always like this? I’ve seen him in things, but I’d never heard anything about him. Did he have a bad midlife crisis or something? Can that make someone into a creeper?

We need answers. But more importantly, we need to watch this show.

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