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Quotables: Courtney Stodden is an Old Soul

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“When you’re an old soul, you’re not going to fall in love with a 14 year-old boy. You meet somebody, you know what you want, and you’re going to get that… I was a Christian girl and I wanted to save myself until I got married. Some people say that I waited a whole 16 years… that meant so much to me… we’re still together. We’ve been married for a year and a half almost.”

Oh, so you got that, right? Courtney Stodden is not only an old soul, but she’s a Christian girl who waited a WHOLE 16 YEARS to lose her virginity to someone who could be her father. Or worse, grandfather. This information prompts me to ask a very, very important question: how old were you when you lost your virginity? Do tell!

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  • I’m must be an old fashioned young soul. I was a plastic free, 18 year old atheist. I know right, it seems impossible.

  • Old soul with new boobs & a new face. I think the real question is were her past souls as bat sh** crazy as the one is now? I thought I was being forced to sacrifice a lot to wait 16 years before I could drive. Apparently my goals are lower than hers.

  • Wow I’m kinda shocked to see that a decent amount has had sex under 15. I wasn’t even thinking about sex at that age. How should you really know how to use protection, you’re still a wonder there are so many teen pregnancies in the US!
    Where I’m from (Switzerland) the “common” age is about 17-20, none of my friends lost their virginity before 17. And I personally don’t know anyone who was/is a teen mom.

    • no wonder, america is the land of retards and everyone knows that except for themselves it seems…. comparing switzerland to the cesspool called america or at least north america is like ud compare oil with water…..

    • Where I’m from (Spain), many people lost it at 14-15, and teen pregnancies are extremely rare. Oh, and sex education was given out at 11 in my school, so yes, we did know how to protect ourselves should the occasion ever arise. Also, a teenager pregnant at 14 is extremely rare, that was a rather sloppy argument. Teenage pregnancies are most common at 16 and 17, which, WOOPS, is also the common age for Switzerland according to your own comment. So yeah. There’s that.

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