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Courtney Stodden: “I Have Saved Many Lives”

Honestly, if this was just a three second clip of Courtney Stodden claiming that she’s saved many lives, that would be enough for me. But it’s not, you guys. Well, it is, but it’s so much more than that, too. It’s three minutes and 54 seconds from the new season of Couples Therapy, featuring Courtney and her creeper husband, Doug Hutchison, JoJo from K-Ci and JoJo, and a bunch of other people who are apparently somewhat famous. And it’s wonderful.

Just look at those stupid shapes that Doug shaved onto the side of his stupid head. Just listen to Courtney say “I call him Dad instead of Doug,” and Doug respond with a smile and a comment of “I’m raising my wife.” And then after you get your nausea under control, listen to Courtney tell the therapist that she forgets she’s married sometimes, and let’s all urge her to take that feeling and run, literally run with it. If you can handle it, keep watching until you see Doug’s cry face, and then push through a little more so that you can see Doug say “I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m more deeply in love with you than ever,” and Courtney’s “whatever” face in response. It’s so worth it, you guys. It’s so incredibly worth it.

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  • I can’t get over the fake “VS Weekly” magazine with their picture on the cover, it’s the icing on their flaming famewhore cake. I wish they were performance artists commenting on our society’s modern definition of “fame,” but they aren’t.

  • Where to start? That “marriage counselor”???? I’d like to see her credentials. She’s a counselor like I’m a brain surgeon. Overall, I’m pretty speechless over how low some people will go when they whore themselves out. I think this show may raise the bar and the Kardashians have to up their game.

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