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Small Miracles: Courtney Stodden Doesn’t Want to Have Children

A photo of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison

Under normal circumstances, the fact that Courtney Stodden doesn’t want to have children would be a very, very big miracle – having proof that she and Doug Hutchison had sex would just be too much, plus we’ve seen what sort of parenting she had growing up, and it seems sad to think she’d pass that on to her own children – but these aren’t normal circumstances, and I’ll tell you why. It’s because Courtney Stodden doesn’t want to have children right now. Still a miracle, just not as awesome.

We learned this information because Courtney and Doug did an interview with E! News, and they revealed that one of the major reasons they sought out Couples Therapy was because Doug wanted children (so gross), but she wasn’t ready, and that caused a lot of problems for them. Courtney said “I’m not against kids, but my career is my baby…And when I’m ready to share that, we’ll discuss.” Hopefully she’ll be working on her career up until menopause.

Oh, Courtney also said that sometimes she accidentally calls Doug “dad,” because “you know, Doug-dad, same thing.” Doug chimed in with a classic “it is what it is” (ugh) and said that “she can call me dad, I can say, ‘I’m raising my wife.’ It’s all in good humor.”

And for all of us who don’t fully support this union? “Our haters are our motivators,” Doug says. Spoken like a true champ.

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  • Doug Hutchison was married twice before. If he wanted children so badly why didn’t he have them then?

  • I still can’t believe how much prettier she is! I don’t normally think plastic surgery is a great idea, but her face… wow, what a change!

  • why the fuck would you pressure your 18-year-old wife to have children? Obviously she doesn’t want kids as of now, most 18 year olds don’t.

  • im still waiting for her nakied pics to come out…i like to watch her face its like she dosnt know how to make a natural smile….lol

  • Good Point Krusty Krab this is not his first marriage so he doesn’t really want kids right now either… He just like woah how did this happen? If i don’t knock her up soon she may actually grow up and realize how disturbing this is and leave me for someone closer to her age and never talk to me again cause i’m a creep. But if I knock her up ASAP… Disturbing really.
    I’m not dissing anyone but… I see Christina Aguilera in this picture… is that just me? Maybe that is who she copied hair/make up with her new style makeover.

    • She doesn’t look anorexic at all….I’m afraid of what a huge pig u must b to make a comment like that.

      • like what you said was any better grow up..ya big bully..jesus, tought guys and the internet luv

  • Surprise: once they lop your dick off and carve out a creepy v-jay-jay, you still can’t have children.

  • Thank god she doesn’t want kids. Lest someone as dumb as her repopulate, there’s enough stupid people in the world as it is.

  • He wants kids to make them more notorious. It would be insane and it would garuntee them a reality show..

  • She wants to stay a little girl with a “daddy” forever. At least she’ll be thinking that until some Chris Hemsworth looking drgu dealer comes for her. Doug seems like a groomer. He should never be allowed to have children without a psych eval.

  • She is actually looking very HOT!
    The surgeries have done her well! A good investment in her case.
    I wish them happiness and a long marriage….something hard to come about now days.