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PETA Gets It Wrong Again

A photo of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

I love animals. Like, I really, really love animals. But I absolutely hate PETA, and it’s because of shit like this. Of course, there are other reasons why I hate PETA, like, for instance, the fact that they euthanize over 99% of the animals in their shelters, but this business just really gets under my skin. Spaying and neutering is important, obviously, but do we really need The Situation, shirtless and surrounded by innocent kitties, to make that point? Is anyone actually going to see this poster and think anything but “ew, gross” or “hell yeah, man, p-ssy is awesome”? Because I seriously doubt it.

Basically, all this poster does is make me hate PETA more than I already do, and also it makes me wonder if The Situation switched to steroids after he got out of rehab. He looks bigger, right? Like in the shoulders and upper arms, he looks unnaturally large. Thoughts?

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  • I’m not a PETA supporter… but you ask why this is any more effective than a regular, tasteful ad campaign? Because a regular, tasteful ad campaign wouldn’t circulate like this does. It wouldn’t end up on all the gossip sites and it wouldn’t be seen by nearly as many people. If it takes a ridiculous ad like this to get the ‘spay or neuter your pet’ message seen by more people, then I’m all for it.

    • Casey, I 100% agree. He’s obviously poking fun at himself, which is refreshing… and it’s all for a good cause.

  • Unfortunately, the people that will pay attention to this ad from PETA(and need it the most) are the ones that will ignore the message about spaying and neutering because they’re too busy giggling about the word pussy.

  • This is why Peta is the fucking worst. Objectifying women’s bodies even when there’s no woman to be seen. fuck’s sake.

  • i know this comment is like about a hundred fucking years late but if not here then, where else?
    objectifying? kay…
    anyway, can somebody please get this guy to STOP 1)being shirtless and 2) working out his biceps only…
    it’s like reverse popeye syndrome.
    looks gross/bad.