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Ruh-Roh: Why Isn’t Eddie Cibrian Wearing His Wedding Ring?

photo of eddie cibrian no wedding ring pictures
Well hell, girl. I don’t know. But I figured the best way to quash this “Eddie‘s leaving LeAnn” rumor would be to go directly to the source—and I don’t mean Eddie’s rep (if he’s got one). I mean LeAnn’s Twitter, because we all know that all will be revealed there, guys. These are her latest Tweets from her feed:

photo of leann rimes twitter pictures
Yeah. So, completely irrelevant, right? And how unlike LeAnn is that? In fact, LeAnn hasn’t posted anything non-automatically generated since October 9th—two whole days ago, and it was this:

Sweats, pork roast w/ veggies, my hubby…. Heaven! I love when he comes home from and I’ve got dinner ready. It feels so Lucy and Ricky :)

Now, I have a few questions. My first, of course, is what in hell is LeAnn doing eating pork roast if she’s got this massive dental emergency that required a whole ton of anesthesia and what not? Second, Eddie’s rep’s actual statement? Is this:

“He went boxing at the gym and he doesn’t wear his ring at the gym, who wears their ring at the gym? Not many people do.”

Which sounds kind of rambly and scrambly to me, quite honestly. Also, we’ve seen Eddie going to/leaving the gym before. He’s never not had his ring on then, so what’s so different now? Don’t know, guys, but I feel like *something’s* brewing.

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  • Why isn’t Eddie wearing his wedding ring?

    Because Eddie and his mistresses are purposely trying to drive Leann Rimes crazy. Eddie is smarter than what we give him credit for. Ever since these photos of him without his ring were posted on Monday, Leann has been going nuts. She set up a staged photo-op parading around a grocery store parking lot in a short leather skirt and no bra while flashing her ring. She canceled the concert she had planned for tomorrow claiming that once again she is “sick” and has a “physical illness”,. She took to twitter to explain to one fan how Eddie ALWAYS wears his ring and only takes it off at the gym(despite the fact that there are photos of him at his son’s soccer game without his ring on, the same soccer game that his mistress was attending with him and Leann because Eddie won’t go anywhere without her). She made tweets comparing her marriage to Eddie like being in Heaven like Lucy and Ricky. Yeap Lucy and Ricky, who were known in HW to have a very rocky marriage because Ricky(aka Desi) was a cheater and drunk. She posted photos of a pumpkin that says “The Cibrian Family”. Why would she need to put a pumpkin with their lastname on their front porch, does Eddie have a hard time finding his way home?

  • Leann is her own worst enemy. If she is going to push the “massive infection” card, shouldn’t she at least lay low?

    On Saturday(the day after she has this “massive infection”), she is spotted by an “onlooker” having a “great” dinner date with Eddie and his kids where she is witnessed drinking, eating sushi, and talking the night away with Eddie as “their” kids played. Doesn’t that just melt your heart? See, Eddie isn’t cheating because an “onlooker”(aka Leann Rimes) “saw” them on Saturday and they were happy! If she had a massive infection the day before, how is she then able to drink, eat raw fish, and talk all night long with Eddie? The fact that she fed this story to People magazine and then would post it to her fansite goes to show just how little she cares about her fans.

    On Sunday, she writes a blog telling her fans that at 3 am she was rushed to the ER because she was in so much pain(she left out the part about how the pain was the result of her mixing alcohol with whatever meds her obtained on Friday) and that she is going to spend the day resting!

    Did she spend the day resting? Nope. On Monday she posts a photo of Eddie’s kids to her twitter page and then 10 photos of her and “her family”(Eddie and his kids) on a hiking trip. Considering that she posted the photos on Monday that means that the trip took place on Sunday or Monday. In the photos she is all over Eddie and smiling. What happend to that massive pain that caused her to be rushed to the ER at 3 am on Sunday? Funny how the pain disappeared long enough for her to take over 10 photos of Brandi’s kids.

    On Tuesday she sets up the parking lot staged photo-op and then Thursday rolls around and once again she is “sick”, so sick that she has to cancel another concert even though the entire week she has been parading around LA looking like nothing ever happened on Friday or Sunday.

    Strange how her dental symptoms disappeared when she was putting on the “happy family” act for the “onlooker” at Katsuya on Saturday and hiking with Eddie and his kids on Sunday/Monday.

  • Rehab, “illness,” super-happy photo ops… Sounds like someone’s perfect union is on the rocks & she’s losing her shit in a pretty major way.

  • Leann is “quiet” on twitter because she is taking more photos of Brandi kids to post to her fan website and twitter account or setting up another “happy family” moment to report to People magazine!

  • That was fast. Leann is back to tweeting and she tweeted that she just can’t fathom what is happening to her! Seriously? Leann can’t fathom why her “dental problems/the flu/kidney stones” only present when her husband refuses to go on tour with her? And yet she wasn’t worried about what was happening to herself when she was dining/drinking/talking to Eddie at Katsuya on Saturday, hiking with Eddie and his kids on Sunday, posting all those photos of the hiking trip with “her” family to her twitter account and “fan” website on Monday, and parading around a parking lot in a leather miniskirt and no bra while flashing her wedding rings as she smiled like the Chesire Cat or grinned like the cat who ate the canary. What a great tribulation for Leann, being plagued by this mysterious dental illness that ONLY presents when Eddie Cibrian wants to spend that time shacking up with his mistress instead of on tour with his needy/clingy wife.

    Leann Rimes fakes these physical illnesses to guilt Eddie into staying with her and then for making him feel trapped, Eddie punishes Leann by being photographed without his wedding ring!

  • Get ready for the mega media blitz that Leann has planned for Sunday and Monday, now the famewhore that is Leann Rimes is trying to use her grandmother’s death to get her name in the press and of course justify why she cancels even more concerts because she is very worried that her “sweet baby” Eddie is on the set of Hot In Cleveland hooking up with women.

    Every week it’s something with Leann, she just needs to divorce Eddie because no other celeb spends that much time monitoring their spouse the way Leann does. Instead of making excuses for missing “work”, why doesn’t she just be honest and tell her fans that she has to babysit her husband because even after being together 3 years, he still won’t be faithful to her?

  • Leann’s new album is having some major problems, DB(the man Leann has said is like a father to her and the same man who cyberbullied Brandi on twitter) is arranging “listening parties”(preview of Leann’s album) for certain fans of Leann from Nov to Jan, all over the US(from LA to New York). Is that even normal? Do singers set up listening parties/previews of their album before their album is even released for certain fans?It sounds more like they are still in the process of figuring out what songs to put on her album and they are using “fan” input because Curb didn’t like Leann’s choices. Or perhaps Leann is on plan F, hype up her album by claiming that it was illegally leaked by one of her fans and then launch a lawsuit against the fan for invasion of privacy and releasing these songs before the official release date of the album.

    It also gives the impression that Curb is fighting Leann on the release of this album(perhaps they want to release it 2014, in the fall/winter of 2013, or don’t want to release the album at all) and Leann is going over their heads with the previews to prove to them that people want to hear about her affair with Eddie even though she flaunted that affair like crazy from the moment she started sleeping with Eddie until now.

    Leann hasn’t pulled a “Look at me” stunt today. Maybe she is just busy contacting her mouthpieces on how she wants the story to run.