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Is Taylor Swift’s Camel Toe Cheating on Its Kennedy?

photo of taylor swift vagina camel toe pictures
From Radar Online:

… Taylor secretly made out with Patrick [Schwarzenegger] at a family event she attended with Conor, and the family is up in arms over it, calling her a “hanger-on” who has an obsession with the Kennedys.

“Taylor was making out with Patrick all night … The previous day, she was all over Conor, so she hooked up with two cousins on consecutive nights! Taylor and Patrick weren’t kissing out in the open, but she wasn’t being as subtle as she thought she was. Conor doesn’t know, but everyone else in the family does.”

While Taylor adores Caroline and Ethel Kennedy, the insider says they don’t care for the singer.

“They think she’s a hanger-on and find her obsession with the Kennedy cousins disconcerting,” the source said. “Taylor lost the respect of everyone in the family. They despise her and don’t want her anywhere near Conor or Patrick.”

Wait a second. So Conor is Patrick Schwarzenegger’s cousin? How did I miss that? Is Taylor Swift really that obsessive-demented that she thought it would be OK to move from Patrick to Conor in a matter of weeks? Has she really worked her way through all of the Hollywood men who’d dare to hook up with her, only to move on from one family member to another? Ugh, this girl.

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  • Both of those guys are super hot, so . . . I can’t really blame her. But actual parties are for making out with different people — family events, not so much, even if you aren’t a part of the family.

    But goodness, Patrick Schwarzenegger can get it for days.

  • Yeah Patrick is Maria Shriever (sp?)’s son, who is a Kennedy from her mum’s side. So yeah, they’re cousins.

  • I have always thought she is an airhead and that her music sucks. She has a victim complex, but it is her own stupidity that causes her relationships to fail. Maybe she’ll try to get back with John Mayer for her next brilliant move. They both seem really classy.

  • Anyways if anyone actually thinks that’s her junk your probably a virgin or really dumb! Her box would have to be sagging about a foot if that was her real cameltoe it’s her outfit that’s all. sorry for ruining your day if u were going to jerk your tadpole.