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Kate Gosselin Beats Her Dogs, Too

A photo of Kate Gosselin

I’m just going to come right out and say what we’re all thinking, all right? F-ck Kate Gosselin, and f-ck everything Kate Gosselin stands for. This woman (allegedly) beats her children with wooden spoons and then gladly pimps them out for fame. Oh, and now we’re hearing that she abused her dogs as well:

Robert Hoffman, the journalist who became close to Kate’s ex, Jon Gosselin tells the new issue of Star magazine that he allegedly witnessed Kate’s appalling behavior to the German shepherds, Nala and Shoka, that the family kept as pets but eventually gave away.

“Kate left the family dogs in their cages behind the house for hours on end with no food,” says Hoffman, who authored the controversial book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

When Jon and Kate first split up, they would take turns staying at the house with the children, and Hoffman claims that Jon told himthat when he would show up after being away for a few days, he’d find the starving dogs living in filth.

“She never cleaned the cages,” says Hoffman. “Jon would return to find them filled with urine, poop and puke. I saw vomit in them.”

Kate not only allegedly let the poor animals live in horrendous conditions, according to Hoffman, she also hit them. “She would knock them over the head and yell,” claims Hoffman. “The abuse caused Nala to become very resistant to Kate, so that any time she came around, Nala growled. After a while, Kate began to fear she’d be attacked, so she sent the dog back to the breeder.”

The Gosselin matriarch was also reportedly very careless about leaving stuff that the dogs shouldn’t eat lying around, including some plastic Easter eggs that the animals apparently couldn’t resist.

“There was an entire bag of them in the garbage,” Hoffman says. “Shoka was up to his waist inside of it.” After one piece of plastic too many, the poor pooch reportedly had to be rushed to the vet’s office for an emergency visit.

Hoffman claims that Kate never wanted dogs, but supposedly agreed to get them solely for the sake of better ratings for the family’s show. “The kids had been begging for pets for years but Kate was adamantly against it, until the show needed content for an episode,” Hoffman writes. “She was only nice to the dogs for the camera. As soon as filming was done, she never wanted anything to do with them. She’d tell Jon, ‘They’re yours… I’m not taking care of them.’”

How is she this horrible? I can understand not being an animal person (well, not really, but to each her own), but I can’t understand treating an animal like this. But hey, if it makes her look good for the cameras, who am I to judge*?

*A person with a conscience.

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  • If this is true it’s horrible. My question is where was Jon and why didn’t he help stop this nonsense and why did the breeder give back one of the dogs to her if she treated them so bad? A breeder should be able to see if dogs are being starved. People need to start stepping in and helping the kids and dogs and quit trying to make a buck off this mess. You shouldn’t have kids or dogs unless you have a lot of love and patience. Everyone in this story has been on some media show selling their souls off the backs of these kids. I truly don’t know what to believe about the Gosselins.

    • ONLY is it was with a 10 foot pole that was BARBED on HER end. After what she did to those poor animals and the way she treats her children, SOMEONE needs to grow some and forget the money and take ACTION. BEFORE one of them dies of is permanently hurt! She makes Saddam and bin Laden look like Walt Disney characters. If course she probably THREATENS them if they say anything! She NEEDS that money for plastic surgery, hair extensions and cut and color, her nails done, a personal trainer, shopping, and on and on. I don’t get why Jon didn’t do ANYTHING for those poor dogs (like get them the hell out of there!) when he was there and said he saw all the abuse.

  • Why is this woman still walking around and being allowed to ride in limos and show her face on tv??? She should be put behind bars>>I love children and animals I also blame the tv crew they must have seen the signs come on already someone stand up to this monster!!!

  • Wow people ease up on this pathetic woman. This whole article is hearsay. Although it has the ring of truth to it. She was obsessive about cleanliness on the show and probably hated the attendant mess that comes with pets. It was hard to watch how nasty she spoke to Jon and this was on camera. No doubt she is an angry person. Eight kids? A nightmare. Too much work and constant needs to be met. That would make me crabby too.

  • RUBYREDRESS PLEASE YOU ARE JUST AS BAD TO STICK UP FOR THIS HATEFUL SICK WOMAN, KARMA IS A BITCH AND SHE GOT WHAAT SHE DESERVES “Nobody likes her”. She will never be back on TV she is abusive too kids, men and animals people hate her!!!! She should be fined for abusing those dogs and her kids should be with their Dad!!! Some women are not fit to have kids or animals and she is an example!!!!!

  • I would say that I wish she would die in a horrific and painful way, but I can imagine her miserable fucking life is punishment enough.

  • Wow how terrible!!! Not her, all you people wishing death on someone you don’t know because someone says she did something mean. Is this high school?? I wish I could write whatever I want about whomever I want and have it published and circulated to the point where people are comparing them to Bin Laden and wishing them dead. If whatever ANYONE with no proof writes is true then AWESOME; My 9th grade math teacher was a secret serial killer and he whipped his grandkids with hoses, he should die. The guy down my street who has a funny mustache and plays his music too loud on holidays? I hear he’s a terrorist. We should all say mean things about him and wish him dead, cause I have proof; one time I saw him with a non-white guy and someone at the store said they saw him buying fireworks…he’s obviously building bombs and planning some sort of massacre…grow up! If you don’t like her don’t read the stories on her. “Whhhhaaaaa shes a media whore I wish she would go away!” How do you expect that to happen when you all read about her and comment on her, directing traffic to sites with stories about her?? Do you get how marketing works? Good lord.