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Amber Tamblyn Married David Cross

photo of david cross and amber tamblyn pictures
Just to brief you, Amber Tamblyn is twenty-nine years old (she’s actually a month older than me), and David Cross? Well, he’s not twenty-nine years old. He’s not even thirty-nine years old. David Cross is actually going to be forty-nine years old in just a few months, and while it’s definitely not treading in Courtney StoddenDoug Hutchison waters, it’s still a little strange, to be honest. Not entirely unexpected, mind you, considering the fact that they got engaged just about a year ago, but initially strange nevertheless.

The thing is? The more I looked at the above picture, and actually considered the two of them together (guys, Amber Tamblyn is funnyshe submitted rap songs to Tyrese once in hopes that he could make her famous in the music world, and David Cross is also funny because he’s David Cross), the more I actually liked it and thought, “Wow, man, these two crazy folks are sort of cute together, aren’t they?”

Go ahead, guys. Throw out all your preconceived notions about age and love and twenty-year differences. Because unless we’re talking Doug and Courtney, and their awesome-yet-sad shitshow of a stint on ‘Couples Therapy’, all bets are off.

Congratulations to Amber and David! You guys gonna make babies, now, or what?

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  • I always thought David Cross sounded like a bit of a dick in his stand up routine, but whatever. Congrats to them!

  • She’s a bit rough looking for 29 (unlike you Sarah). Put it to a poll. Who looks better at 29, Amber or Sarah?

  • So if we’re throwing out preconceived notions about big age differences, why was everyone all up in that Olsen’s koolaid when she was (still is?) dating some older French guy?

  • Well, I hope he is laugh-your-ass-off funny, because he sure ain’t gonna take no beauty prizes home!

  • hell yeah, toonsis, so love them together. i worked on a movie she was in so i can safely say she is AWESOOOOOME! we karaoked our asses off & ate & drank & were just freakin’ MERRY. hard to find a good chick like that in the dreaded industry, yup yup. hooray for the lovely couple. comedy conquers all.