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Amber Tamblyn Officially Joins Two And A Half Men As A Regular Cast Member

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Amber Tamblyn joined Two And A Half Men for a stint as the illegitimate “sexy, gorgeous lesbian” daughter of Charlie Sheen‘s deceased character. And now it’s a permanent thing. She’s a regular cast member. Cha-ching Amber. Cha-f-cking-ching. Details from Hollywood Reporter:

The actress, who boarded season 11 in a five-episode stint as Charlie Harper’s (Charlie Sheen) long-lost (lesbian) daughter, has been promoted to series regular.

Tamblyn’s Jenny moves to L.A. to pursue acting and connect with what’s left of her family. She likes everything her dad liked — including women. The move is not unexpected as Tamblyn’s deal had an option for her to become a series regular.

OKAY LISTEN, NON-JUDGEMENT ZONE RIGHT HERE, BECAUSE I AM CURIOUS. Have you been watching Amber on Two And A Half Men? How is she? Is she funny? Is the show finally funny?

I need to know, guys. But I need to know without actually watching it.

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Amber Tamblyn, What Have You Done??

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Amber Tamblyn is being known as a smart, cool, slightly quirky actress in Hollywood, right? She won me over with this brilliant and hilarious email exchange with Tyrese. She married David Cross which earns (both of them) a hundred cool points. So what in the ever-loving f-ck is she doing joining the cast of Two And A Half Men??

Okay the answer is probably obvious: money. But still. Amber. Ugh. Here are some details from Us Weekly:

Amber Tamblyn has been cast as Jenny Harper, the illegitimate lesbian daughter of the late Charlie Harper (formerly played by Charlie Sheen) on the half-hour sitcom. The actress will recur in at least five episodes during Season 11, with an option to become a series regular.

As Us Weekly previously reported, Tamblyn’s character will show up at the home of Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) and Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) looking for her dad. If the 30-year-old [why the hell do they feel they need to mention her age] is a hit with viewers, the plan is to have her move in with the duo, filling the void left by Jake Harper (Jones).

Best of luck, Ms. Tamblyn! A job’s a job, I guess. And at least the Warlock isn’t there anymore.

So We Have Photos of Amber Tamblyn and David Cross’s Wedding!

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So I’d be completely lying to myself if I didn’t admit to thinking that Amber Tamblyn‘s wedding to comedian David Cross didn’t look positively awesome and adorable, what with it being held in the woods, and with friends like Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Questlove, and Amy Poehler in attendance.

Here’re a few photos of Amber and David’s big day, with a few candid shots of guests and cheesecake wedding cake thrown in for good measure.

So, again, congratulations, guys! I never did hear anything back about that “kids” question, so how about it?