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Amber Tamblyn Is Totally Engaged to David Cross

A photo of David Cross with Amber Tamblyn

David Cross is 47 to Amber Tamblyn‘s 28.

And I’m of two minds, here: for one, I’m newly 29, which is old-young, and I’ve had a crush on David Cross ever since Men in Black. (Tamblyn, in the meantime, starred in The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.) So their age difference—of nearly 20 years—does not surprise or titillate me, sorry. Another thing: when David Cross did a set at my university, afterward, I was like, wow, that dude really likes people my age! And no offense, but, uh, yeah, he actually does. Apparently.

I have my misgivings, though. My mother was only 12 years younger than her husband, whom she married when she was 27, and she and I spent the last seven years or so coping with his Alzheimer’s. OK, that’s pretty depressing! But all I’m saying is, 20 years is a pretty serious commitment because, hey, that age difference can become your whole life. Know what I mean?

They’re a cute couple, though.

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  • she’s not yr average american actress though is she? i dunno. it’s kind of creepy but sometimes may to december works.

    okay my flesh is crawling, he’s too old for me and i’m nearly 40

  • i know them! good people. he’s got the mind of a twenty-something-year-old, and she’s wise beyond her years, so this totally works.