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Kim Kardashian Has This Areola She Wants to Show You

photo of kim kardashian pictures photos nipples pic
And it’s/they’re as wonky as Paris Hilton‘s wonkiest eye day. Lord, yes.

Take a closer look, why don’t you:

photo of kim kardashian nipples pictures
Now, don’t get me wrong—I don’t know exactly which areola Kim wants to show you, because they look like they’re both fighting for equal attention, but hey. Nipples are nipples, and what the f-ck is Kim Kardashian wearing, anyway? Is this all the Kanye in her clothing choices as of late? Because between that up there, and this:

photo of kim kardashian pictures
Is this the kind of thing that Kanye‘s doing in order to sabotage Kim so that he can get away with making statements like he’s too embarrassed to bring his main gal to Fashion Week?

And guys, speaking of Fashion Week, I’m about to do a shameless plug—a shameless, shameless plug. So if you don’t like shameless plugs or really awesome handbags, then you should probably just tune out right now. See, a good friend of mine who prefers to go only by the name ‘Jules‘ has created a handbag line with the help of master designer Danilo Gabrielli, and it debuted over the last few weeks at previous Fashion Week events. Check out this link to Vogue for photos of the bags, because they’re way, way cooler than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could ever hope to be. COMBINED.

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