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Holly Madison Looks Like a Totally Different Person

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Want to hear something crazy? This is the first time I’ve ever written about Holly Madison. In my years as a gossip writer, I don’t think I’ve ever even uttered the name ‘Holly Madison’ once. Insanity. This might be one of the first times this sort of thing has happened.

But anyway, you guys all know that she’s pregnant with her first child, with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella. She gained fame from being one of Hugh Hefner’s “girls” earlier in the decade, and has impressed us with feats such as fighting over Hef, and hooking up with Criss Angel, of all people. Oh, and being trashy. She totally impressed us with her trashiness, if that’s at all possible.

But now, guys? I don’t know. She looks kind of good, to be honest. Her hair’s not that garish, bright platinum white-blonde that she had for so long—it’s actually almost looking like a natural blonde (albeit a natural blonde who used lemon and peroxide in her hair and then accidentally tripped over the lemon rinds and into a chlorinated pool for a couple hours). I mean, yeah, her face is looking uber-tweaked, but I’m sure that’s all because GUYS she’s having a baby, and aside from being shot up the gitch with liquid Viagra, this is the biggest, most famous thing that’s ever happened to her. All eyes are on Holly and she’s just gotta look her best, right?

What are you guys thinking of girlfriend’s new look? One thing I’ll say for sure—pregnancy really agrees with her, and there’s no fabricating that happy glow with any sort of Botox or penis medication.

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  • She was never that attractive to begin with – great gobs of makeup, huge plastic boobs, hooker false eyelashes, badly bleached hair,bad nose job, and one of the worst nasal and screechy voices on television. Uneducated and insecure. Glad she escaped the crypt keeper.

  • I like Holly and think she is very pretty and I liked her white blonde hair. The lighter the better.
    and I will add , that she is no more trashy than the other girls were.