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Blind Item: Rob and Kristen Aren’t Back Together, Never Were Together

A photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

From Blind Gossip:

Everyone is so excited that these two lovebirds are back together! Sorry, but that kind of naivete is going to come back to bite you on the butt. Why? Because their reunion is both fake and temporary.

We told you before that they their original couplingtook place in a publicist’s office. They became good friends, but nothing more. If they look like they are in love, it is only because they are actors. If they can convince you on screen, they can convince you off screen.

They are now reuniting as a “couple” to promote their new film. The success of that film will enable both of them to command top dollar for subsequent films, after which they will be parting once again. Their breakup is scheduled to occur in 2013 after the DVD release.

I think we can all agree that this blind item is supposed to be about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, right? Regardless of your views on their relationship, it’s fairly obvious that they’re the subject of this. So let’s just move right along.

IS ROBSTEN FOR REAL?! Were they ever for real, or was their whole entire relationship just a publicity stunt? Or are they really for real dating and the cheating scandal was the publicity stunt? Or were they really dating and Kristen really cheated, but their reconciliation was the publicity stunt? Or were they never dating, but Kristen really for real fooled around with Creepy Rupert and got caught, so they had to do the thing where she sincerely apologized and then eventually got back together? There are so many possibilities!

Here’s why I think the relationship between Rob and Kristen was and is a publicity stunt: Twilight. Twilight became this super huge, unbelievably crazy thing, and Rob and Kristen could get a whole lot of buzz by pretending to be the real life Edward and Bella. And the timing of the cheating scandal, right before the very last movie release? That seems a little fishy. They had a big problem, Kristen publicly declared her undying love, and they got back together, all in time for the premiere. And they never really seem to have much chemistry, do they? That’s obviously not the be-all, end-all in this debate, but if you showed me some pictures of them and said “hey, look at these awkward stoner BFFs who love to hang out and listen to records and not bathe,” then I would have no trouble believing you.

And here’s why I think the relationship between Rob and Kristen was not and is not a publicity stunt: they’re not good at publicity. If they really are a fake couple trying to create this image of true love for the Twihards, then why don’t they talk about each other more? Why doesn’t Kristen gush about Rob in interviews, why are they so rarely seen in public together? And, along those lines, if the whole thing is just for publicity, then why haven’t we seen any photos of the happy couple reunited? And why would Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross toss their family into the whole cheating mess? Are they just looking for publicity wherever they can get it, no matter what?

What are we supposed to believe, friends?

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  • I think this is all a pr stunt for twilight and for other movies they are about to do outside the twilight franchise. As for Liberty And rupert, well, I’ve never heard about liberty before, and after the scandal She got a lot of bookings for runways and modelling gigs. Rupert had a lot of buzz and people will be intrigued on what the 4 of them will do next.

  • If they were doing all this for publicity, WHY were they doing all this for publicity? The Twilight films already were and would have continued to be insanely popular without the whole real-life romance shtick.

  • No chemistry? Really?? Plus, everyone bashes Kristen for her acting (him too, for that matter), yet where their supposedly fake relationship is concerned, they are suddenly great actors? The last paragraph of this article makes the most sense. Throw in, “Why would Kristen throw herself and her beloved career under the bus for Summit, Pattinson, or the Sanders, and jeopardize her participation in another Snow White film?”, and I think the whole conspiracy scenario falls completely apart.

  • Neither one of them can act, she doesn’t even know how to clean herself. She’s probably stanky amazon women down there. Without their pr relationship NO ONE would care about them. Good luck getting more jobs after doing stupid teen flicks.

  • They canoodled, kissed and hugged in private at parties and were secretly photographed.. so erm.. this is lying rumors..

  • I believe that they are now apart, but keeping mum on their ended relationship to try to salvage the last movie. Most twilight fans put up with Kristen’s antics because they adored Robert. She has always been a foul mouthed, middle finger flashing, Lindsay Lohan repeat, but he loved her, so…the fans put up with it. I’m pretty much done with both of them. This whole situation is rather childish, don’t you think? That giant sucking sound you hear is Kristen Stewart’s career going down the drain. Robert needs to drop her before she drags him down with her…

  • It’s probably about that brat and his mouse-face Disney girlfriend Selena. Kristen can’t act to save her life. So it’s not her.
    Also the validity of those ‘blind items’ is questionable. Anyone who wants to hurt somebody can post a ‘blind item’ like that and tadaa… The rumour mill does not need a lot to keep on working and creating fiction goodies

  • I think he loves her but the feelings are not mutual because his face looks like a foot and hes clearly a beta male. Not her type at all.