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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson film scenes for New Moon in Vancouver, Canada.

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  • Christ, the first movie SUCKED balls. I usually live vampire flicks but Twilight was nothing more than a crappy love story for 15 year old girls or homosexual men.

    • Well, the movies are based on the books, which ARE about a love story that IS geared towards younger people (15 years of age might fit in there somewhere). It was never supposed to be a “vampire flick.”

    • hah! yeah the script was fucking tragic!didn’t know wether to laugh cry or throw up! maybe the books are better, otherwise i can’t imagine some of the actors who’ve signed on for this new one would even consider it. the kristen chick has the acting ability of a dead fish :oP

      • if you read the book you make this totally awesum couple of edward and bella, then you see stewart and pattinson and it is a MAJOR letdown!

  • The movie is shitty but damn, Robert looks really hot with that gothic makeup on haha makes you completely go past the fact that hes a bad actor lol

    um yeah

  • Dude… is that a SMILE that Kristen is wearing in that picture? Has the world gone completely insane? That girl looks damn happy to be alive! WTF? ;)

  • This movie is going to be even worse than the first one because they will ruin it by having Edward in it too much even though he was only in the book for literally about three chapters.

  • Every time I see this guy, I think of how bad he must smell and glad I’m far away… she looks good, but also, think of how much of attitude she gives off in interviews; cute for the first few times…hope they go away soon.

  • Only good things about the movie:

    1) Her sweet orange truck.

    2) The amazing line: “You’re so beautiful.” (when she sees him step into the light and SPARKLE for god’s sake!) to which he replies: “This is the skin of a MONSTER!!!” Ahahahahahahaha, it had me on the floor laughing!

    3) It stopped me from ever considering reading the books. Thank you! If even just half the horrible lines were taken from the book, I know I wouldn’t be able to get through it.

    4) I would say being able to stare at Robert Pattinson, but I only find him attractive when he talks in his native accent. Without the British thing going for him he does nothing for me.

  • ..Which is really great and fortunate for the movie, ’cause they’re disastrously horrendous actors, both of them.