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Presented without Comment: Chris Brown’s New Music Video, “Don’t Judge Me”

Ok, maybe just one comment: WHAT.

No, really, what even is this? First of all, I just love the fact that Chris Brown has a song called “Don’t Judge Me.” He’s done, like, one redeemable thing in his entire career, and even that is just his pretty ok dancing skills. He’s been a giant dick over and over. It’s not even that he’s been a douchebag, no, he’s been an outright asshole. He’s been a bad person. So yeah, I’m going to judge you, Chris Brown. I’m going to judge you for days.

Also, this is a dumb video. He gets in a fight with his girlfriend because she can’t “just let the past just be the past,” so he gets in a spaceship and kills himself? That’s a bit much, isn’t it? And what is he even doing up there? Is he destroying a giant meteor, or some evil alien spacecraft? But he’s not even doing anything, he’s just chillin’ in a chair. Is this supposed to be the whiny, useless jackass version of Armageddon? Because you are no Bruce Willis, Chris Brown. You are no Bruce Willis.

Ok, I guess that was technically eighteen comments, but now it’s your turn!

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