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Ke$ha Had Sex With a Ghost, Guys

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So remember how we were talking the other day about Ke$ha, and how she’s making glorious new music that’s filled with glitter and Mountain Dew and wiry pubes? Because she is, and the latest song to be talked about is called ‘Supernatural’. Ke$ha recently interviewed with Ryan Seacrest, and filled him in on a little secret—‘Supernatural’ was written about a supernatural sexual experience that she had with a ghost. WOOOOOOOOO!

Ke$ha, on the record from Ryan Seacrest’s show:

“There are so many weird topics on this record from having sexy time with a ghost to getting hypnotized and going into past lives. I just really wanted the theme of this record to be the magic of life.”

“Sexy time with a ghost”? Did she really, really say that? Because I think it might actually even be worse than “the magic of life.” Yeah, you know, I love both of those phrases deep, deep in my heart and soul, but guys. That’s where they stay. If you use the term “sexy time” and know about the “magic of life,” you’re supposed to keep that kind of stuff to yourself, otherwise run the risk of coming across like … well, kind of like how Ke$ha always does. F-CKING WEIRD.

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