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Michael Lohan to Dina: “Fix Your Soul”

A photo of Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan

From Radar:

Michael Lohan is blasting his ex-wife Dina for wanting to do an interview with TV host Dr. Drew Pinsky after her disastrous appearance on Dr. Phil, and for wanting another shot with Dr. Phil.

As previously reported, Lindsay Lohan’s mom wants to return to the talk show circuit even though her chat last Monday with Dr. Phil was a train wreck.In a exclusive, her ex says he thinks she shouldn’t consider doing another interview with either TV doc.

“Dina wants a second chance with Dr. Drew! She must be wasted because she walked out on the first chance,” Michael tells us. “Now she’s asking Dr. Phil for a second chance! Why doesn’t she take a ‘chance’ and do an interview FACE-TO-FACE with me? I’ll tell you why! It’s because she can’t look at me and lie! She tried ONCE in counseling and walked out in three minutes after the therapist told her to be honest. She wouldn’t even attend family weekend together with me FOR LINDSAY at Betty Ford! She refused to at [the rehab facility] Cirque and Betty Ford. She can’t face me or tell Lindsay…the truth.

“If she does go on a second time, this time I will bring ALLLLL the proof to prove her lies that weren’t ‘aired’ on my five minutes of Dr. Phil. That includes documents and plenty of voice recordings.”

And, in a direct message to his ex-wife, Lohan says: “Everyone has already seen the real you on Dr. Phil and [with] Matt Lauer. Instead of a talk show, go to rehab! Sober up and learn to stop using our kids as pawns like you just did to Lindsay again after calling out for me after her arrest! Fix YOUR soul!”

I really needed a good laugh right about now, so how perfect is it that I came across this story where Michael Lohan tells Dina Lohan, another person in this world who is not Michael Lohan, that she needs to fix her soul and “stop using our kids as pawns”? It’s not only like the pot calling the kettle black, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black and being super judgy and preachy about it. And it’s hilarious. You know, when you don’t consider the fact that these are real people who are being completely serious and who have a bunch of children together.

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  • Did you see what Ali tweeted? It really isn’t funny because these are real people.

    Aliana ?@aliana
    I have an incredible mother. My siblings and i witnessed what my father did to her in the past. We stand by her,all that matters.