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Somebody Called the Cops on Michael Lohan Again

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From TMZ:

Kate Major just called the cops on Michael Lohan (again) — claiming he violated his restraining order (again) — but Michael insists it’s all BS (again).

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Michael’s on-again-off-again-on-again GF called the Delray Beach Police Dept. in Florida today, claiming Lohan had shown up to a salon she was at (a violation of the current protective order against him) and started furiously banging on the glass windows.

We’re told cops showed up — but by the time they arrived, Michael had already split.

But Lohan tells us, he didn’t violate the court order because Kate INVITED him to the salon in the first place … to borrow money from him.

Michael says Kate has been seriously involved with him recently and — shocker — the two have been secretly living together for awhile.

Law enforcement sources tell us, police took Kate’s report when they showed up to the salon — and have also spoken with Michael about his side of the story.

We’re told the case will be referred to the Florida State Attorney’s Office — to decide if charges will be filed.

Why is this even news?, you’re probably wondering. And I don’t blame you, because when the world resorts to reporting stories about Michael Lohan violating his restraining orders over and over and over again, there’s something definitely wrong. It really paints a sad picture about the way society is today, and I guess my point in all of this is FORCED STERILIZATION. I mean, Michael Lohan is a completely tooled-out douchebag. And he reproduced. With someone who is *almost* as complete a tooled-out douchebag—she‘s just better at hiding her insanity. And when they reproduced together, Lindsay Lohan was the end result, and we all know how big of a menace to society Lindsay is.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what’s more disturbing about this whole thing—the fact that Lindsay Lohan is the offspring of the two craziest parents in Long Island/Hollywood, or that Michael and Dina actually had to have sex—with one another—in order to make that happen. It’s like looking a gaping black hole in the face, and the empty, sucking feeling you get is from the BS vacuum that’s about to purge its gall. IN YOUR FACE.

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