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Michael Lohan Got A Job!

A photo of Michael Lohan

Everybody knows that Michael Lohan is a douchebag. That is the opposite of a secret. The guy kicks ladies straight in the vag, he made a sex tape of himself and his lady getting it on without his lady’s knowledge, and he had a hand in raising Lindsay Lohan. I think that about covers it.

But wait! There’s a chance that Michael Lohan might be turning over a new leaf! While it’s true that his own special brand of violent asshole behavior and infamous parenting skills won’t be overlooked anytime soon, this might actually be a step in the right direction. See, Michael Lohan has been in rehab, and now he’s living in a halfway house. The latest example of his progress? He filed an application down at the Burger King.

From TMZ:

Michael Lohan is finally gearing up to ask the burning question that may or may not have been on his mind for years — “Would you like fries with that?”

Sources tell TMZ, Michael filed an application with a local Burger King in Palm Beach, Florida yesterday after he was released from a residential treatment facility — which he was sentenced to as part of a plea deal in his domestic violence case involving ex-GF Kate Major.

According to sources, Lohan was moved to a 3-bedroom halfway house after his rehab release — and the counselors at the treatment center recommended he get a real job to pass the time … until his final release on March 16th.

We’re told the job’s primary purpose isn’t to make money — though $7.75 an hour ain’t bad — it’s to help residents like Michael slowly assimilate back into normal society.

So far, it’s unclear if he locked down the burger-flipping gig.

I’m not about to hate on getting a job at the Burger King: I think a job’s a job, and Michael Lohan certainly needs a job. He’s been out of touch with reality for way too long, and this seems like a great way to get him back in touch. Or it’s a great way to get some girl who can’t keep her mouth shut a good dousing with frying oil. Apples and oranges, I guess.

Hey, do any of you guys live in Palm Beach? Can we get a Burger King watch going strong? You can send us pictures of Michael hard at work, and bonus points if he gives you a crown!

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  • the very fact that story is on tmz tells anyone he hasn’t changed at all. i doubt he was even there for a job. this was just to sell a story and get himself attention.

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