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Five Good Emmy Fashions and Three Not-So-Good Ones

A photo of Zooey Deschanel

So, how about those Emmys, you guys? Did you watch them? Did you love them? Were you outraged or overjoyed by the results? Or do you not care about all those silly awards, and you’re just here for the fashion?

Man, I sure hope it’s that last one. Because we’re going to talk about dresses right now.

But first of all, before you get too excited, let me just tell you that the fashion last night wasn’t all that spectacular. There were some pretty good dresses, and a few mediocre ones, but I didn’t see any that were like “wow, this is absolutely horrifying,” which is really a shame. I feel like there hasn’t been a gigantic awful mess of a dress at any award shows recently, and I’m starting to get upset about it.

All right, but let’s start with the pretty good dresses, all right? The first one is Zooey Deschanel‘s dress up there, which I realize that not all of you will like, but I liked it way too much to leave it off the list.

Then there’s Ginnifer Goodwin wearing a pretty adorable frock:

A photo of Ginnifer Goodwin

And here’s Kat Dennings, who continues to be one of my absolute favorites:

A photo of Kat Dennings

Ok, and here’s Kelly Osbourne. Her face looks kind of … different, I guess, and even though I can’t stand her, you have to give it up for a nice dress when you see one:

A photo of Kelly Osbourne

And finally, January Jones stepped up and wore what was probably my favorite dress of the night:

A photo of January Jones

See what I mean? None of them were outstanding or anything (though I do really, really like January’s dress), but they were pretty good, right? So let’s go on to the sort of bad ones.

First off, Claire Danes. And I know she’s pregnant, but come on now:

A photo of Claire Danes

This one hurts, but Melissa McCarthy deserves to be on this list too. There’s such a thing as good plus size fashion, there really, really is, and this just isn’t that:

A photo of Melissa McCarthy

Last, and probably least for me, is the beautiful Sofia Vergara, who chose to rip her dress off a 17-year-old pageant girl with a thing for mermaids:

A photo of Sofia Vergara

So yeah, nothing too phenomenal, nothing too shitty. But what did you guys think?

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