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Blind Item: Justin Bieber Is Still A Bad Boyfriend

A photo of Justin Bieber

Does anyone else get the idea that Justin Bieber is one of those guys who treats his girlfriend like shit, day in and day out, and then maybe once or twice a year he does something really nice and romantic so that if she ever calls him out on being an asshole, he can go “nuh-uh, babe, I planned a private screening of Titanic“? Because I really, really do.

We’ve heard a few stories about Justin here being a bad boyfriend, and even though this is a blind item, I’m going to go ahead and add it to the list:

What A list tweener singer told his on again and off again B list tweener girlfriend they would be off again unless she lost some weight. He said he doesn’t like to see any fat and that she was getting “too curvy” for his own liking and embarrassing him in front of his friends by getting big. When she started crying, he said it was her problem, not his.

That sounds like Justin Bieber all over the place, doesn’t it? And unfortunately, Selena Gomez is getting a lot of flack for her new “fuller figure.” No, really. Here’s a photo of Selena taken over the weekend, just so you can see all the “weight” she’s “gained”:

A photo of Selena Gomez

Whoa, isn’t that just totally crazy? Isn’t it so bizarre how young ladies who still very obviously still have baby fat have, like, baby fat? And isn’t it just so completely outrageous how if you’re sitting down and leaning to one side, how your skin will look different? What a strange world we live in.

To sum everything up, Justin Bieber is a douchebag, Selena Gomez is way too good for him, why does this relationship still have to exist?

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  • Full figure? She by no means has a full figure. She’s tiny and super skinny. So she leaned to one side and oh her skin scrunched up like a normal human being. This is what gives so many young girls body issues.

  • does this mean it’s true? no it doesn’t.
    rumors is all it is. where’s the facts? until I see some,
    I don’t believe it. Just my opinion.

  • & if this is true, well he can burn in hell because
    she’s beautiful and I personally am not into
    the whole Justin Beiber thing anyway.
    Selena needs to find a NEW man that will love
    her for her, not his faggot friends opinions!

  • I don’t know about this one, didn’t he say he liked Nicki Minaj’s ass? She’s a lot curvier than Selena.

  • I’m not a fan of Selena’s but if true, that’s a complete dick move. It’s probably bad enough being a famous young female and then you’re pop star dick boyfriend tells you you’re too heavy, that it’s embarrassing and that it’s your problem…that’s pretty damaging. Hopefully she dumps that A-hole.

      • I don’t know about her, but I do lot more than that with *my* mouth. Seriously, though, Justin seems like just the kind of immature, narcissist prick that would say something like that.

  • Relax people! You don’t even know if it’s true! You just read something and believe it? It’s just rumor! Justin would never do such a thing! Selena would have left him, for a loooong time ago, if he did awful things like that!…
    I’m a belieber and i know Justin! He would never treat a lady like that…
    Know him before you judge him!

      • He hates her but he’s dating her?…………….. you sound dumb. You probably only want them to break up because you’re one of those delusional bitches that think they have a chance with him.

  • Too curvy? I don’t think Selena Gomez is very attractive because she is way too skinny!

    If any guy and girl dates, they should have a hard rule. If the guy can’t throw the girl around in the sack, there’s something wrong. Either the girl is too big, or the guy is too weak. It seems that Justin Beiber is just too big of a bitch to date her.

  • If you find the actual picture of him with his hand on his dick you can see a tattoo on the left hip which aligns with other shirtless pictures people seriously do some detective work.

  • I dont know about u guys, but I woudn’t call her fat!She’s fat if she had like that big butt and sticking out belly,but she doesnt have!I would call her pretty! :)

  • What thir a great couple Justin tell me it is true your still dating don’t let her tell you what to do