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Justin Bieber Is Wasting His Penis on Selena Gomez

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Poor, poor Justin Bieber. Sure, he’s a superstar, the new King of Pop, even, but he’s still an 18-year-old boy. We may know him as the best boyfriend ever, but he still has urges, and he still has needs that even his beloved Selena Gomez can’t satisfy.

Yes, we’re about to talk about Justin Bieber’s sex life. Strap yourselves in, friends. It’s about to get ugly.

From Us Weekly via Celebitchy:

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are struggling to hold on to each other. Bieber, 18, has spent the last year and a half wooing Gomez – renting LA’s Staples Center for a private screening of Titanic, lavishing her with gifts, treating her to a helicopter tour of Toronto – but sources say the pair have been on the brink of a breakup for months.

“They fight and then make up all the time,” says a friend. At issue? Schedules that mean spending too much time apart – and plenty of girls willing to ease Justin’s loneliness.

“Justin loves Selena, but he’s starting to feel antsy,” reveals a source close to Justin. “He’s in his prime and can get any girl he wants. He has definitely thought about being free.”

At Justin’s March birthday bash, Selena and Justin stayed close and “Selena kept telling everyone she wanted to have Justin’s babies.” But just days later, Gomez left for Florida to shoot Spring Breakers and Justin stayed behind in LA.

“Selena’s schedule is crazy and has become a source of contention. She has broken big plans – like a trip to Mexico – with Justin six times, and he complains.”

By mid-May, Bieber was losing patience.

“He feels he should be tapping all the girls who come around,” says the Bieber source. “It’s hard.”

Justin tried to initiate a split, but Gomez wasn’t having it. “She freaked out,” says the source. “So he apologized and got back together with her.”

Then, at the MuchMusic Awards in June, Justin was acting “weird” says a source, and then he had a mini-breakdown. As his trademark hair was styled, “Justin was not in a good way. He was upset and crying, saying the relationship was over.”

But – surprise! – it wasn’t. Come July, the two were cuddling in LA. The source says, “They are kids! Of course they fight. They can both be dramatic.”

In the end, “Justin is still crazy about her and knows how lucky he is to have her,” says the Bieber insider. “Everything is not always perfect, but for now they are happy.”

I really can’t decide what makes me feel ickier, the idea that Justin Bieber believes that “he should be tapping all the girls who come around,” or the fact that I laughed out loud after reading the bit where he was crying while getting his hair done. Stars, they’re just like us when we’re getting ready for the eighth grade prom!

But really, I hope these two kids work it out. I mean, I don’t really want Selena to get her wish of having Justin’s babies, but I kind of want Selena to get her wish of having Justin’s babies. The gossip, you guys. The gossip it would bring. The pictures, and the statements. The onesies that Justin would start selling that would say things like “swaggy baby” and “swag” and “swagger.” “Made by swagger.” “I’m two months old and I’m a swaggy infant.”. Oh, and the songs that Justin would write about the situation. It would be really glorious until Justin started ruining the baby’s life.

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  • I’m more worried about the “He’s in his prime and can get any girl he wants.” part. That’s just eugh. And, tapping his fans? His fans are 15 and under for crying out loud. That’s illegal.

    • As hard as it is to believe, he definitely has fans over 18. Plus many others who may not care for his music or for him, but would sleep with him anyway.

      • Funny she wants his babies .. I doubt that they will last forever even about the marriage part lol they’re never together. That explains it all and they leave eachother so much then make up ahahaha wow if they say they’re serious with eachother and wouldn’t breakp then they wouldn’t do that to eachother and ya kids do fight but not that much like the do . They sound like too marriage couples gettin a devorice and then make up at the end .. Im Laughlin my ass off about Selena wants to have his babies who wants to have babies right away and think about that
        And his gonna willing to tap every girl his with behind selena back that’s my opioinion . His gonna cheat on her again and again like he did before in 2011 with his ex for example .. Funny I hope they break up and Justin does what he wants and have fun and selena starts to cry all over him lol

  • “Stars, they’re just like us when we’re getting ready for the eighth grade prom!” Emily, you are a wonderful, magical being.

    Also, were he dating anyone other than Selena Gomez (or Nina Dobrev or Leighton Meester, which is about the extent of my mental hot-celebrity-ladies before I just blatantly out myself by dropping names like Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Pfeiffer), I would agree that he’s kind of wasting his teen years and what are (hopefully) his peak years of fame by being in a relationship. Attractive teens who are emotionally mature enough to handle it are welcome to slut it up with each other. While Justin doesn’t seem to be the pinnacle of maturity (or, let’s face it, dignity), it makes sense for him to use his fame for sex. That’s kind of the benefit of being famous.

    Am I the odd one out, here? Like, if you’re famous, you make lots of money and slut it up forever for a few years. Then things calm down and you can retire and live comfortably with your fortune and overeat and play video games. In that life, the fame-and-sex part actually sounds like the less pleasant early stage.

  • If they break up I give it 2 weeks before the STD rumors come out. And in today’s world it would be true.

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