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Selena Gomez Is “Beyond Lucky” to Be with Justin Bieber

A photo of Justin Bieber

I mean, seriously, ladies, look at that fine specimen right there. Really just get a good long look at that tall glass of water. Couldn’t you just drink that right down? If you got to walk around on his arm, wouldn’t you constantly thank the heavens that you’d been so incredibly blessed?

According to Justin himself, yes, yes you would.

From Star via Celebitchy:

Seriously unbeliebable. Cocky Justin Bieber has been heard telling Selena Gomez that she’s “beyond lucky” to have him as a boyfriend. “She’s so arrogant and immature at times,” a tipster says. “Her friends keep telling her to just dump him for good already.” But whenever he senses that she’s ready to end things, he pulls off some romantic stunt, like renting the Staples Center for a screening of Titanic. “Those kind of gestures go a long way with her,” the source says. “But she probably won’t put up with him much longer.”

Oh god, the Titanic thing again. Is Justin Bieber seriously the guy who does one single romantic thing for you and then holds it over your head for the rest of the relationship? Of course he is. I bet when Justin hit that photographer and Selena got all pissed at him over it, he was like “shut the f-ck up, babe, or you won’t get no more private screenings of Titanic,” and she was like “you just assaulted someone,” and he was like “yeah, just like I assaulted your heart at the Staples Center.” And then he asked for a blow job.

What a character, you guys.

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  • LOL! Bah! i cant not stand that little pecker! and u just know he is that kind of guy who holds it over her head.

  • Loved that last paragraph! LOL!! “yeah, just like I assaulted your heart at the Staples Center.” Priceless!! Thanks for the laugh! :)

  • no. we ALL know justin is WAY to sweet to say that. i aggre with Catchwisely that Waz a GREAT laugh

  • If anyone is lucky in this relationship it’s Justin.
    She could have any guy in this whole world we live in that would treat her better and wouldn’t change himself after becoming more famous and having a beautiful woman like Selena.
    Selena will end thing’s sometime before her birthday next year. If she doesn’t then Justin has something on her that is stopping her from being happy again without him.
    Since I have seen Justin over the years I see that Justin looks more and more like his doing some kind of drug’s his eye’s are always half closed and it’s not the half closed like his tired it’s more like his on something and then he was seen all jittery like someone on crack or something like that.
    Justin’s ego is getting to big and someone needs to pop that ego before he falls so far down he loses everything.