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Selena Gomez is Really Upset About Justin Bieber’s Fight, Also May Have Gotten Her Lips Done (?)

photo of selena gomez photographer justin bieber fight pictures
These are the photos taken during the aftermath of Justin Bieber‘s photographer freak-out where he sent a photographer to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

In the pictures, you can easily tell that Selena is upset, but what you can also tell is that Selena either got belted in the mouth by accident while Justin’s mini-fists of fury were flying, or she went down the cliche route and got her lips did. Check out this photo:

photo of selena gomez justin bieber fight pictures
Does that—or does that not—kind of look like what Lindsay Lohan looks like after she leaves her injectionist*? Oh, what? You don’t know what that looks like? Here!

photo of lindsay lohan lip injections gif pictures
We’re all fully aware that Selena isn’t a known for her Angelina Jolie-like lips, so that naturally leads me to believe that she may have gotten something done to her pout. It’s not as bad as Kris Jenner‘s, granted, but hey. Little starlets have to start somewhere, right? This is Selena a few months ago, back when her lips weren’t as bee-stung-looking:

Thoughts? Did Selena get her lips injected?

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*OF COURSE I look for any and all excuses to run this picture. Thought you knew.

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