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Wait! Katy Perry And John Mayer Are Back Together!

A photo of John Mayer and Katy Perry

Do you see that photo? Ok, now you see that douchebag in the top row wearing the white cowboy hat? That would be John Mayer. And, as you can see, that raven-haired lady to his left (our right, you guys, I’m not talking about the girl in the polka dot dress with the drunk face) is none other than Katy Perry. This picture was taken last night at a music festival in L.A. BOOM.

And here’s another blurry picture from some girl on Twitter, just in case there are any doubters among us:

A photo of John Mayer and Katy Perry

So what happened? I believe that these two knuckleheads really did break up – it was in People, after all – but I’m not sure what happened to reunite them. Did John reconsider his heartbreaker instincts? Did he realize that Katy is the absolute best he’s going to get? Did Katy beg him to give her another chance?

Yep, it looks like it’s that last one:

A source close to the recently divorced pop star says Perry isn’t over her breakup with the crooner, and has been “texting John late at night asking him to take her back.”

The insider says, “She’s been really depressed and needs attention,” adding that, “she really liked him and thought it was going to be something serious.”

As Confidenti@l reported last week, the “Wide Awake” singer put the brakes on communicating with Mayer briefly after their early August split, but we hear the radio silence didn’t last long. A source says Perry got word one of Mayer’s pals was having a birthday party at Shore Bar in Santa Monica, which is owned by Perry’s friends John Terzian and Adam Koral.

The buxom brunette arrived there hoping to run into her ex “by accident,” but upon seeing Perry, we hear Mayer’s friends warned him of her presence. “He purposely skipped his own friend’s birthday so he wouldn’t have to run into her that night,” says the source, who is close to both parties.

Perry was first linked to Mayer in June. “She has been calling and drunk-texting him even after her friends have told her not to,” says the source, adding that Perry’s been hanging around other men “to make him jealous.”

Reports say Mayer dumped Perry over e-mail.

A rep for Perry did not respond for a request for comment.

Man, who would have thought that Katy Perry would be just like that girl you know who gets drunk and sloppy and starts texting every guy she’s ever been in a relationship with? Oh, everyone thought that? My bad, you guys.

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