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Love It or Leave It: Madonna’s … LOL FACE!

photo of madonna scary face pictures
You know, I was going to wait and use this as next week’s ‘Caption This‘, but I found it too good to pass up, especially in light of the Madonna-douchebaggery that seems to be so epic and so rampant lately. Honestly. This is it. I don’t even have a story to run with this picture; the photo is it. You know, Madonna, performing something on one of her concert tour stops, and with this face.

I don’t know. I guess we should be counting our blessings and thanking our lucky star that, at the very least, there’s no nipple or asscheek in this picture. You know? Thanking God for small favors?

And now, for the most ridiculous question of all time: what do you guys think of Madonna’s face?