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WATCH THIS: How Do We Feel About Madonna’s New Video for ‘Turn Up the Music’?

I’m telling you right now, that as I write these words, I’ve yet to see this video. But I’m completely and utterly judging it before I do, because I just know that it’s going to be f-cking awful. Madonna, like I’ve said before, hasn’t made a good video since ‘Frozen’, and even *that* was allegedly plagiarized … or didn’t you know? Well, since we’ve been talking about Madonna talking about Lady Gaga ripping off ‘Express Yourself’ for ‘Born This Way’, and talking about Madonna being sued for stealing samples for ‘Vogue’, we’ll talk about how she was sued—and lost—for plagiarism and ‘Frozen’, too!:

Reuters, along with other news agencies, is reporting that Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva won a plagiarism lawsuit against pop sensation Madonna. In the suit, Acquaviva claimed that the melody from Madonna’s 1998 hit song “Frozen” was lifted from his “Ma Vie Fout L’camp (My Life’s Getting Nowhere)”.

The ruling, which also required stores to remove copies of the song and for broadcasters to stop playing it, did not set any damages but, instead, left those to be negotiated at a later date.

In short, UGH, Madonna. I don’t even want to watch this video. I don’t even have to in order to know it sucks. You guys watch it—tell me what your thoughts are. And if you think the video’s all that bad, then I’ll definitely watch it.

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  • Well, I watched about two and a half minutes of it and that was more than enough to convince me that listening to the next 4 minutes would probably cause me to go spastic from cringing.

    She definitely earned her PhD in Narcissism…

    There were no women to be seen in those first minutes, just Madonna in fashion forward fishnet stockings driving around the city (Paris?) grabbing young hunks off the street and piling them into her car, where of course they were all vying for her attention.

    And don’t get me started on the outfit. Catherine Deneuve meets Catwoman. What is she trying to prove? Makes me miss the hippie revival chic that she got into after her daughter was born.

    But hey, I’m half a century old. I practically grew up with Madonna. I’ll admit that I was spellbound for a while but now it’s just like YAWN, you know? She’s pulled the same shtick so many times now, she’s in grave danger of becoming a parody of herself.

  • Your snap judgment was correct. I couldn’t get too much farther than 1:30, 2 min. in. She’s 50 for crying out loud…it’s terrible.

  • she’s disgusting ..
    been plagerizing since the beginning ..
    she originally tried to step into debra harrys shoes ..
    nobody respects her …rich or not ..
    she’s an old slut that was a laughing stock on the lower east side ‘back when’…a no talent ‘whore’

    • Really? I never heard that!

      LOL Debbie’s got 4 tons more talent and uber-ness than Madonna. And … she looks better. (Of course, Debbie was a playboy bunny and seriously hot.) Not to mention Debbie’s a fairly accomplished actress.

      Madonna = Evita. Her other films … not so much.

      How funny is it that a little while back the Paps mistook Debbie Harry for … Lindsay Lohan! HAHAHA Debbie was actually EMBARRASSED to be mistaken for a “woman” young enough to be her granddaughter.

      OTOH, Madonna’s the best selling female recording artist of all time (worldwide).

      And she’s a fantastic business woman. You have to give her that. She’s also a VERY talented songwriter. No one (with any knowledge) says she’s much of a singer. She just has great pop songs and a very good stage show. Not to mention top-notch marketing and fabulous business sense.

      So, give her some props; just not singer or looker props.

      I think of Gaga as running behind Madonna without the business acumen.

  • Awful…awful. So typical of this old cougar too. This was shot in Italy and the last words of the driver were in Italian, translated to, “Enough of the partying, fasten you seat belt you little slut”
    I bet the old slut doesn’t even realize that.