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Madonna’s Mooning Us All Now

The above video was taken at last night’s Rome tour stop. Where, instead of flashing her nipples, Madonna flashed her ass. What’s next? A vadge shot? Are we really going to see Madge’s Vadge again after all these years? What, does she wax, now, and is all proud of it so she’s gotta show it off? Is this what we’re dealing with? Juvenile antics from a fifty-three year-old woman? Call me crazy, but maybe she’s been spending too much time with her twenty-four year-old boyfriend. Maybe he’s inspiring her to act like she’s on ‘Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break ’01’. But even most twenty-four year-olds on Spring Break would know better.

Also, is that a for-real tattoo on Madonna‘s back? Because NO! FEAR! is a really dumb-ass tattoo to have in a zillion-point font across your thoracic spine. The term “no fear” stopped being cool when I was a freshman in high school and the last of the t-shirts died out as mainstream and were used strictly as gym attire. Thought you knew, Madge

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  • Pfffffft! If my ass looked like that at 53 you’d better be damn sure I’d show it off every chance I got! Her ass is like a 20 year old’s. Damn you Madonna for being so disciplined with your figure!

  • No, no no…you all just don’t get Mdge with her cool, eclectic refererences like ‘have you seen Molly’ being a shoutout to her songwriter friend Cedric Gervais, it is painfully obvious that this is in homage to her ‘other’ friend(s), the Finnish band ‘The Rasmus’ who had a bit hit with ‘No Fear’…checkitout!

  • Love the lingerie – who makes it??

    and I agree – sort of- with Sammy — her ass is pretty amazing for a 53 yr old.

    • I believe I read somewhere that it’s from Agent Provocateur. I’m not for sure, but they do make really similar stuff regardless!

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