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Is Kris Jenner Cheating on Bruce?

A photo of Kris Jenner

Hey guys, listen up for a minute, all right? Because what I’m about to tell you is going to blow your mind. Your first instinct might be to slap me for spreading such hateful rumors or to break down in tears over this unfathomable news. This is a fair warning that this isn’t going to be easy to hear.

Ready? Kris Jenner has probably been cheating on Bruce Jenner. BUT WAIT. The man she’s having the affair with? Why, it’s none other than Todd Waterman, the man she cheated on Robert Kardashian with, and the man who is quite possibly Khloe’s biological father.

Here‘s what happened: Kris was at home, composing a nice little email to her former lover, then BOOM, Bruce walked in a saw it. Kris was all “blah blah, I need closure, blah blah blah, I’m a horrible person,” but Bruce wasn’t buying it because he saw Kris’ signature on the email. That bitch closed her little letter with a bunch of x’s and o’s!

But while Bruce’s feelings are all hurt over the email situation – he apparently believes the wise “once a cheater, always a cheater” adage, and he is Not Happy – he doesn’t even know the worst of it. Which, by the way, is that Kris went on an actual date with this guy. A “source,” which I think we can all agree is probably Kris herself, said that the date was “electrifying” and that it’s “so obvious that she still carries a torch for him.” Another piece of evidence to back that up is the fact that Kris sends emails and texts to Todd “feverishly.”

Poor Bruce. I always felt so bad for him. It’s so obvious that he really cares for everyone in the family, and he seems like such a great father figure for the Kardashian girls, but he always gets screwed. I feel like the episode where Kris was thinking about changing her last name back to Kardashian was a pretty good representation of the kind of shit Bruce deals with regularly, and that kind of breaks my heart.

All that being said though, I doubt he’ll leave. Poor, poor Bruce.

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  • Not defending her, but that guy can’t be Khloe’s father. Their affair started after she was born. It’s the hair stylist that is possibly Khloe’s bio dad.

    I wish Bruce would leave her and take the 2 youngest with him.

  • You know, Bruce is a grown man and if that ball-less son of a bitch can’t stand up for himself, I am sure not going to feel sorry for him! I am sick to death of the fact he lets those bitches walk al over him! He should have put his foot down years ago! I thought he was some kind of a big athlete?

  • Poor Bruce? oh please the guy is along for the famewhore ride with the rest of the family. if he is dumb enough to marry that awful woman then let his and his entire family’s life be filmed 24/7 and them be front page gossip mag news then he deserves everything he gets. i just hope this accelerates the break up of this family and their inevitable fall back into obscurity

  • I would secretly file for divorce if I were Bruce and Fed X over night her the papers. “Sock IT To Her Biatch Dried Up Vagina Menapause Woman’s Ass!” She is a poor excuse for a wife and mother. Too bad.. her kids minus Kourtney who has more head sense.. have to love her no matter what. I am sure.. they don’t all look up to her. How can you when your mother is a full blooded whore? FYI Kris you look like a fat wanna be bride in the above dress. She is 156 pounds and wearing clothes that a 26 year old can get away with. Her legs are horrible. Her hair looks like a mans. She is disgusting. I feel worse that Kris has most likely consulted an attorney and is using the show.. for her divorce leverage (Already) to save her image from being as is now.. at risk. Because….she is portraying Bruce to be the bad guy… temper and all. He needs out and fast! She will humiliate him and make her kids go along with her sorry whore ass. After all the years of verbal assaults on Bruce .. that is grounds for divorce on his behalf. She has verbally abused him. Now.. 21 years or more later.. it has caught up to him. Todd was the last straw here. He is now.. showing his emotions.. and talking up/back and it is new for her so she is painting him into this tyrant. She is an evil money hungry bitch. I hope…she gets her karma some how and we are all here to see it. What a joke she is a gypsy HO!

  • I am sure.. Todd only wants a repeat piece of inbetween ass. He is ten years young and can get younger. She can walk out anytime.. she does not need Bruce or to be married.. whether he wears the pants or not. He just keeps pushing her away further and further. I have to say.. Bruce does not at all take pride in his looks and updating them. But.. that is not any reason for Kris to use him as a money making support machine.. and now.. she has reached a status she no longer needs him.. or a man to take care of her and the kids. She wants a boy toy only. I hope she take a wrong turn somewhere and we hear about it. She is sickening. At least Bruce gives back to charity. Kris goes shopping or buys a porsche. That is sad and disgusting.

    No matter what she does to her outter image .. she is still dry in the middle. Because you lose your wetness and pheromones after menapause. She is 57 . Time for granny to grow up and stop trying to be and act like Kim. She needs to stay home in her suggy like other grandmothers and watch the grand kids and allow her kids to live their lives..instead of making it much harder on them. She gives Kourtney advise and she is whoring around and commiting adultry for the second time? What is wrong with this picture? I have no respect for her.. her kids have lost respect for her. Bruce can’t trust her. She is a piece of shit. You never ever.. here the kids talk about their grandparents. Did Kris even bring them around them? They are gypsies living in a hotels and out of suitcases. The kids are rarely ever home. Their homes are show cases. She never cooks. She denies Bruce sex. Another grounds for divorce. She wants Bruce to dress modern, get viagra.. and she is dry as can be inside? Who does granny doll think she is?
    She does not even have nearly the body Todd Waterman can get hold of. She is in denial. I hope she does get divorced and Todd dumps/cheats on her sorry whore ass. The only way she may keep a man like Todd is if she swallows two or three times a day and does anal sex every night. ROFL

  • Bruce is getting thrown under the bus on the last show last night. This is taped and will/can be used for divorce court. Bruce needs someone to love and respect him. Kris only… loves and respects her self. That is all. She can care less about her grand kids. She says hi and bye. She is always working and now uses this as her excuse to whore around. That is sick. She should have at least one ounce of respect for the man who promised her husband to raise those kids. She used Bruce as a money making machine. She is a gold digger. Now she has her own gold and wants sex.. sex.. sex. She does not even care to take Bruce to marriage counseling or to see a sex therapist. She wants a new man.. a new toy.. new sex and experiences. She is warped. Unless people around her give her attention, flirt, make up cute names, spank her ass, she is bored and looking for ways out and to cheat. She has the nerve to talk about Scott.. when she can’t keep her own husband happy. She has emotionally checked out and physically. Bruce .. needs to put his big boy pants on now and if she can’t or won’t file first to save her image and family image.. he should. They are all laughing at him and he needs to know… she is not in love or happy in bed anymore. Let go Bruce. Post to twiiter..lets get the real story out in the open. Kris has be expelling lies to the public and to her kids. Making everyone think something else. Even Bruce.She constantly lies to him and he is always the last to know. She found out where Todd plays tennis and went there on purpose. After 24 years there was no accidental run in. She is the biggest liar and phony ever! Her kids are even turning on her. She is pathetic. She wants to hang with the kids like she is one. She is not. It looks stupid to act like something your not.

    Kris is whore! Bruce go screw Angie Everhart! You have not been with a real woman in a long… time.

  • dear kristen jenner,
    i have a feeling that you need to spend more time with bruce it is time for you two sit down together and talk things through be more honest with him have a close relationship respect his feels just lot him talk to you and you can sit and listen to him don’t walk away from him just sit and listen i am trying to be honest with you to please trust and forgive him don’t cheat on him it is not nice to do that.

    am a fan to
    mandi church

  • spend more time with your grandchildren go to the beach and relax there don’t go out anymore just go to work and come back home again don’t ever talk or text to todd waterman ever again you do not belong with him anymore think about your husband for change your children still love you always but there need spend more time bye them shelf for a change also but your children will always have a mother like you there need to respect your feels be honest with them sit and talk just take one bye one child and express your feels with them be a nice mother if there went to have a close relationship with you got to know you better.

  • Kris, is a big disgrace , she is a bitch, she wont get all his money, she will lose respect with her kids , they might not talk to her.
    i know 1000 ladies would love to have Bruce as their husband. i do hope he dumps her, in the long wrong he will be happy

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