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Pink Talks Motherhood, is Still Flawlessly Adorable

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Guess who’s still a total darling! Well, if the headline was any indication, you’d probably be thinking, “Ooh, ooh, I know; it’s Pink!” and I’m here to tell you that you’d be a thousand percent right!

Pink sat down with Philadelphia’s Q102 radio station the other day and talked about leaving whiskey and cigarettes behind in order to party with her new daughter, Willow Sage. Pink talks about how, when she tours, the family stays all together in a hotel room (which is probably the most darling thing of all—that Pink and Carey Hart bring their daughter on tour stops and take care of her themselves, not leaving the daunting task up to any damn old nannies), and how motherhood has changed the sound of her music. From Q102, the most charming video you’ll see today:

If you couldn’t check the video out, here’s a nice little summary, courtesy of People:

Explaining that it’s “so much cooler” adding daughter Willow Sage to her and hubby Carey Hart‘s travel group, the pop singer, 32,told Philadelphia’s Q102 radio station on Wednesday, “We wake up and dance. [We] party naked in the hotel room.”

But she goes on to say that late nights with her little one in tow aren’t quite the same as the ones had when it was just with Hart, 36.

“It’s a different kind of partying,” Pink says, of what now consists of “diapers and underwear.”

Dropping her raging rituals included kicking her vices to the curb.

“It used to be whiskey, tears and cigarettes,” she says. “Now it’s [my baby’s] kind of tears, no cigarettes and the color of poop. Pure joy. I miss the whiskey, not the cigarettes.”

The “Raise Your Glass” singer’s new upbeat, healthier outlook on life will be reflected in her new album, The Truth About Love, slated to drop in September.

“I do a lot of dancing now with [Willow] and I’m just happier,” she says. “This album is a lot of rock and roll but it reflects that there’s a dance party in our house … Your career goes up and down, but … at the end of the day, if I didn’t do another thing, I’m blessed. I like myself more than I used to.”

Come on. Adorable, right? Doesn’t Pink seem like one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth moms in Hollywood ever?

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  • Sorry, I see a totally different future for their kid. Winding up spoiled and raised by divorced parents who can’t stop drawing doodles on themselves, she has the typical rich daughter of two nitwits syndrome – drug or alcohol abuse, no discipline in her life and and hopefully coming out the other side OK. Think Drew Barrymore.