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Love It or Leave It: What Meg Ryan’s Doing

photo of meg ryan fashion 2012 pictures plastic surgery face
Guys, look! It’s Meg Ryan, and it’s almost—almost—like all that plastic surgery never happened, right? It looks like her naturally-pretty face has settled into something similar to normality, and what a shock! I never thought that Meg Ryan would look anything like this:

photo of meg ryan before plastic surgery pictures
Again! I mean, honestly! It’s cause for celebration! Meg Ryan’s face isn’t grotesquely swollen with fillers, freezers, or follicle removers (?)! Mark this day on your calendars, guys—it just might mean that there’s a new Meg Ryan movie somewhere far, far away on the horizon.

As for her nips, well. They’re still kind of doing their own thing, entirely separate from what Meg herself has going on. But hey. That’s cool. I always dig a chick with a mind of her own.

What do you guys think—love it? Leave it?


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