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Kim Kardashian Has So Many Twinsies!

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Just a couple of days ago, Kim Kardashian went to a party in Cannes wearing the same dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Emmys last year. And then the next day, she wore that dress that you see in that picture up there. It’s my belief that Kim is trying to reach her maximum potential for twinsies, because a handful of other celebrities have already worn this awful dress.

The first lady to wear the dress was Zoe Saldana, back in August. Her dress included a little white train, and I can’t decide if it helps the dress or if it just makes its tragic hideousness a little more fancy:

A photo of Zoe Saldana

In November, model Alessandra Ambrosio wore it to an event. Alessandra’s version looks the most similar to Kim’s, so maybe Kim is trying to reach out to her the hardest. Or maybe it’s just the luck of the twinsie draw. We can’t really be sure at this point:

A photo of Alessandra Ambrosio

And then Katy Perry wore the dress while she was in Paris for Fashion Week in March. Her particular dress is in a different color, but it’s the same terrible idea:

A photo of Katy Perry

Does it seem weird to anybody else that Kim wore very recognizable dresses worn by very recognizable celebrities twice in just a couple of days? And it’s not even that the dresses have been worn before – even with Kim’s vast amount of money, it’s silly to think that every single dress she ever wears to an event can be completely original – it’s that they’re such distinct dresses that have definitely caused a buzz before. It’s like, what’s she going to wear tomorrow? Bjork’s swan dress?

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  • I actually really like the dress on Kim…just not w/ the shoes. Nude heels would have been nicer – would have made her legs seem longer.

  • All the A-list celebrities better watch out..the Jenner/kartrashian Klan will threaten a law suit if they don’t stop copying the piss princess… It will be OLD NAVY/GAP all over again..!!!!

  • Ok, I have a theory. Remember that other dress she wore that Gweneth Paltrow also wore a few months ago? Maybe this is her pathetic attempt to win people over who are close to Beyonce? Sounds lame, I know, but take into account that it IS Kim Kardashian and only she would think this might actually work.

  • I didnt know they wear such classy clothes at Auschwitz, but ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO is the proof…