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Lea Michele And Kim Kardashian Are Total Twinsies!

A photo of Lea Michele and Kim Kardashian

Have you ever seen a resemblance between Lea Michele and Kim Kardashian? Because I sure as hell haven’t. Sure, they both have dark hair and dark eyes, and a similar skin tone (before the fake tan), but I think that’s where the similarities stop. Lea has that distinctive nose, and, um, how do I put this nicely? One of these two girls has not had noticeable plastic surgery. And it’s not Kim. Kim has had noticeable plastic surgery. Her face looks mildly to moderately fake. Lea’s does not. Was that nice enough?

But, according to both of these girls, they totally look alike! How sweet:

If you ever thought Lea Michele sometimes bears a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian, well, you’re not alone.

It seems the Glee girl seems to think so, too—the actress tweeted a photo of herself  on Thursday, commenting, “Kim Kardashian is it just me or do we kinda look alike in this pic???”

So what did the E! reality star think of the comparison?

“Twins!” Kim exclaimed in her tweet back. “If only I was so lucky.”

“Haha if only iiiiii was so lucky” Michele playfully replied.

The photo that Lea originally tweeted, by the way, isn’t the photo I used in that comparison picture up there, but it’s from the same event and she’s doing the same pose. I just didn’t want to use Lea’s tweeted photo, which was covered with watermarks, because that’s not how I want to do things. But look, twinsies!

Ok, let’s get to the real news: I got a personal assistant! His name is Archie, and he’s the cutest, sweetest thing that ever was:

See? I call him my personal assistant because he’s been sitting on my lap all morning, and if he sees a story he really thinks we should cover, he puts his little kitten paws up on my keyboard and gets to work. But really, he’s curled up on my rack right now, taking a nap and being warm and precious and awesome. He’s the most playful, cuddly cat I’ve ever met, and he’s wonderful. But the guinea pigs don’t know about him yet. We just got him yesterday from my cousin, whose cat had surprise babies. And I know we were talking about dogs last week, but Archie and me just seem meant to be. Also, he just stretched his little paws up and yawned. You guys.

For what it’s worth, he doesn’t see any resemblance between Lea Michele and Kim Kardashian either.

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