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BREAKING: Anderson Cooper Was Actually Rude to Someone

Yes, guys, we’ve got Tot Mom, Tanning Mom, and now there’s Barbie Mom. If you don’t know who Barbie Mom is, consider yourself one of the lucky, because she’s a big gigantic asshole, too, and chances are, you probably know too many assholes as it were.

Barbie Mom’s name is Sarah Burge, and she … well, she looks like a Barbie due to tons of plastic surgery. She’s purchased vouchers for her daughter to get plastic surgery when she’s legally able to, and she fully endorses Botox for her fifteen-year-old pageant daughter so as to avoid sweating during pageants.

During the show, Anderson asked Barbie Mom a question about her daughter’s Botox use, and after she gave up some kind of lame explanation as to how she’d much rather take her daughter for Botox than to find out her daughter’s buying black market Botox and injecting herself (… people actually do that?), Anderson fell silent and told the woman that he had nothing else to say to her because she was, and I quote, “dreadful.” There was a moment of awkward quiet, to which Burge emitted several high-pitched “That’s fine”s and excused herself from the set during the middle of taping.

Can I tell you—once more—how much I absolutely love and adore this man?

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  • Heu, he’s the one who invite her in the first place, right? It’s douchey, he already knows about her (about her surgery, her daughter thing), so he invites her as a guess and slam her after? Jeez, I found her stupid, but the guy stupider. He is suppose to be the professional one. He doesn’t handle this as a journalist.

    And he talked about Courtney too? Wow! She is national news worthy? I didn’t know. Must be a slow day that day.

  • I thought she was dreadful but to tell her infront of a live audience and national television was completely unprofessional. I lost all respect for him.

  • Really Sarah, this is something you admire? This women obviously has self esteem issues, and him calling her “dreadful” instead of staging an intervention and getting her psychiatric help, im sure only ads to those issues. That was absolutely cruel, the women is sick, and he just came off like a complete asshole. I expect so much more from him.

    • It’s definitely not just this lady that’s destroying her own life for whatever reason, she’s involving young, vulnerable children who look up to her for what she’s doing/done to her body.

      Sometimes the best wake-up call is the one that knocks you on your ass and helps you put things in perspective—even if it seems “rude.”

  • I like that he says what he thinks and has a backbone and integrity. You don’t see that a lot in TV interviews anymore.

    And I agree with him about her so that probably helps too.

  • I like this. She’s the one that wanted media’s attention, right? Well, she got it…