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Casey Anthony

The Child-Killer That I Said I’d Never Talk About Again On This Site Has “Found Jesus” and is Starting All Over Again

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Again, from Radar Online:

Casey Anthony is embracing religion, and has exclusively learned the notorious ‘Tot Mom’ is getting baptized.

According to an insider, Anthony, 26, wanted to do something to signify a new beginning in her life.

“Casey has planned to get baptized sometime this month,” an insider exclusively told

“She figured getting baptized would be the best way start this new chapter in her life. It’s a new beginning.”

The best part of this is (if you can swallow it, anyway) that the reason Casey‘s getting baptized is not to, you know, appear sympathetic to the public that despises her so, but because she believes that her daughter Caylee is with Jesus and the angels in heaven, and wants to be there, too, to reunite with her dearly departed little girl when she, herself, goes to heaven. (!!!) I could f-cking puke. No, seriously, I could jam my entire damn fist in my mouth and induce vomiting as we speak.

I know that the last time I talked about this nasty little c-nt, I said that unless she was heading to the gas chamber, I wouldn’t speak about her on the site again, but I just found it really hard keeping my rage and distaste inside, guys, and I hope you understand that writing about her and her bullshit is almost therapeutic for me, even if some of you consider my statements about writing about her and hating her and giving her fame to be hypocritical. Sometimes we do certain things in the heat of the moment, like going back on your word and sharing something you said you wouldn’t, or, you know, regretting having brought an innocent life into this world and deviously disposing of the encumbrance known as “child,” and then BAM. It’s done. There’s just no taking it back.

I’m sorry, guys. I’m apologizing a lot today, I know, but this time I genuinely mean it.

Watch This: Casey Anthony’s Video Diary!

Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of murder six months ago, has finally come out of hiding! Kind of. Sort of.

In this “vlog”—that’s a “video blog,” grandpa—Anthony gives the date as October 13, 2011. Sheesh, it doesn’t take that long to edit your video, lady.

In the video, Anthony tells us how excited she is about her then-new computer. She’ll be able to Skype now! Maybe she’ll even take some photos! “…I have something that I can finally call ‘mine,’” she sighs, adding how long it’s been since she’s had a computer or a phone.

She talks awhile longer how excited she is, um, about her computer. And the camera. And how she won’t have to talk to the dog anymore. Don’t get her wrong! She loves that dog! She adopted that dog! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, DOG!

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter transcribed most of the video:

Anthony does not talk about the trial or her current location, only saying that she plans to stay there “at least until the end of February.” She also mentions that she’s adopted a dog to keep her company.

“Now I in some ways have someone to talk to even when I am by myself so I am not bothering the poor dog who I have adopted and I love,” she added.
In the video, Anthony has short blonde hair and sports black-framed glasses. Despite being the center of a highly televised trial, she mentions that she still feels awkward on camera.
“I don’t know whether to look directly at myself or up,” she said. “It’s a little scary because I hate being on camera.”

Fascinatingly, Gawker isn’t too sure this video was ever really supposed to be seen. “This feels like an unintentional release to me, of a video meant for a smaller audience, or therapy, or something,” blogger Maureen O’Connor speculates.

The video doesn’t tell us much, but here’s what we do know:

- Casey Anthony looks like Kate Gosselin now (thanks, Gawker, for pointing that one out)
- Casey Anthony’s dog may be in danger
- Casey Anthony has a computer

If Casey Anthony started posting vlogs on the regular, you’d watch them, right?

Of Course Casey Anthony’s Receiving Porn Offers Now

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And according to Vivid Entertainment President Steve Hirsch, a Casey porn would be a hot ticket. Hirsch says:

“Whether you agree with the verdict or not, Casey will want to move forward with her life and has a right to make a living. It’s not going to be easy for her and we believe we can help her make the transition into a new life. … We’ve all seen the pictures of her partying and having a good time with friends where she definitely looks hot.”

OK, the only thing WORSE than this idea? Is the fact that if Casey did accept (and who knows WHAT that crazy bitch would do at this point), it’d sell. It’d sell and the market for it would explode. And that, my friends? Pisses me off probably more than it should. A CHILD lost her life either directly, or indirectly, as a result of this vapid little bitch and her self-serving ways. The last thing we need to be doing is creating an entertainment persona for her, and unless something crazy, never-before-happened occurs like the jury all of a sudden changes their minds and sends this evil ho back to the gas chamber, this is the last time I’m talking about her on Evil Beet.

BREAKING: Casey Anthony Acquitted of Murder

Casey Anthony

Photo by Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda, Orlando Sentinel

At 2:15 PM EST today, the jurors in the Casey Anthony trial reconvened in Orlando to announce their verdicts.

As the first of the seven verdicts was read aloud, Casey Anthony sobbed, then visibly regained her composure. She was found not guilty of first-degree murder, manslaughter, and child abuse. She was, however, found guilty on four counts of providing false information to law enforcement.

Casey Anthony’s daughter, Caylee, was reported missing in July 2008. Her remains were discovered in a wooded area five months later.