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This is Why Will Smith Slapped a Dude in the Face

Will Smith was on last night’s ‘Late Show’, where he was, predictably, asked about the reporter face-slapping incident. The bottom line? Will said it was awkward, and the reporter, though acting out his “schtick,” as other media sources put it, the attempted kiss was why he got “schtuck.” So unfunny, Will. So. unfunny.

A lot of you guys weighed in after seeing the video of Will decking the dude who attempted to kiss him—which you can watch below—but I’m still sticking to my guns in that I think his initial behavior of pushing the guy away was impulsive (though you can’t really blame someone too much for acting on their first impulse, especially when they feel a line has been crossed), but his second action—the one where he backhanded the guy—was most definitely bang out of order.

I don’t care how many cutesy interviews you do where you rap the theme song to ‘Fresh Prince’, Will, or how many self-deprecating comments you make about your big-ass ears in 3D, I think we saw a side of you that you probably didn’t want us to, and because of that, things kind of change a little bit, y’know?

Let’s revisit this again, shall we?

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  • I have to disagree. Forcing sexual contact on someone who doesn’t want it is always wrong. If a woman had been in this situation and behaved this way, the only response would be “you go, girl!” Now granted Will Smith is a fit guy over 6 feet tall, so there wasn’t any real element of physical threat, and yes he could have handled it more graciously – but the reporter deserved what he got. You do not make physical contact with someone against their will, let along sexual physical contact. Ever.

    And I really dislike Will Smith.

  • i’m tired of people going crazy when something happens to a gay dude. truth is he got a response for something he shouldnt have done, will smith is not the one in the wrong is the guy who wanted to force a kiss on him.
    Also you have to see where Will comes from, he’s a very famous actor and has a big ego and it’s just a scientific fact that black guys have more testoterone and a violent answer is more common. he didnt even punched him so chill

    • ilaila: It’s a scientific fact that black guys have more testosterone and a violent answer is more common? No, it’s only more common among self-entitled twits. And your scientific “fact” is moronic.

  • Totally agree with both these comments. You would be high-fiving her if that was Kelly Clarkson or Zooey Dechanel. You just would. No one deserves sexual contact (which, ahem… it was) from another person unless they explicitly want it. Whether or not the parties are gay, straight or whatever is not relevant. That dude got exactly what he deserved.

    And lets just think about the “ick” factor….what if that guy had a cold sore or something? Do you want someone running up to you kissing you and giving you the mouth herp or something? No.

  • wow over-reaction, not by will

    ‘backhand’ – it was .barely. a tap with the tip of his fingers… i was expecting something with a miniscule of power behind it before watching the clip.

    whole thing looked like an ‘instant reaction’. will pushed him to stop him kissing him, since they were in an embrace he couldnt just duck or dodge, if he didnt push then he is allowing the guy to keep kissing him on the lips. arm extension was like keep back. if someone was forcing themselves on me and i was able to break free, im sure an instant reaction would be to extend my arm to say now keep back.

    and that guys slimy smirk said a lot. looked it up apparently he tries to french kiss celebs for a reaction. he got one that was normal and not over the top.

  • Sorry but the reporter deserved the backhand force someone to do what they dont want must be put in their place will could have been done more he controlled himself and he make the reporter fall from his heaven he woke him up so there’s nothing to say to my fresh prince of belair black or not he deserve to be successful always look on the talent not the color please!

  • I hate Will smith… I do not think what that reporter did was right in anyway but what he did was even worse. he is a plain homophobe.

  • the reporter shouldn’t force him to kiss him to try to kiss a woman that you don’t to see what will she do to you???


    so that’s the same thing playin homophobe or not he could be gay but respect always stay first