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‘Chutes and Ladders’: The Movie

Oh man. This is so over-the-top and ridiculous that it’s actually funny, unlike many of the other ‘Funny or Die’ videos that we’ve ran here. Remember Vanessa Hudgen’s FOD? God. The worst. Rachel Bilson‘s? Equally bad, if not slightly worse. The only one that ever really made me chuckle even a little bit was the one that featured Courtney Stodden. That one was alright, I suppose. At least when you compare it to Vanessa’s and Rachel’s and, of course, we can’t forget

The thing about this “trailer,” however, is that it’s completely believable. I mean, I could honestly see this movie being made. All they have to do is build around the preview. It’s all there, right in front of them. It’s like ‘Battleship’ meets ‘Independence Day’ meets horrible, craptastic SyFy made-for-TV movies THAT I LOVE like ‘Seattle Superstorm‘.

Can we get a hold of someone who can really make this happen? Please?

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  • That was stupid! But did you see the one Selena Gomez just did re 50 shades of grey? so funny!

    • I did, yes. It was pretty funny, especially the end where he said she was creeping him out, haha.